14 days of love {day 4}


Ten more days until Valentine’s day and today I thought I would share some fun hand embroidery patterns I came across.

First up is this free dutch girl embroidery pattern I found here. This would be a super cute addition to a mantle or even a cute wall hanging for the month of February.



This is another fun embroidery pattern made to look old. This would make some fun tea towels to hang out during this month of love.

Sweet Heart Valentine Embroidery Pattern


Looking for a gift for the love of your life? Sublime Stitching has a great idea for some stitched up boxer shorts!

And here’s one more from Sublime…a hand stitched Valentine’s card.

Happy stitching!

14 days of love {day 1}


It’s Friday and normally this would be a Fantastic Friday post, but today is the first day of February and February is the month of love. I’m constantly trying to find ways to create specialness in our day to day family life and especially when it comes to celebrating. God has given me a little girl that loves nothing more than to create a party, give gifts and make things for others. Her heart is encouraged by little notes and she never fails to notice something new or different or special. And I have a son who is like me and February 14th could pass with nothing more than a little card and he would just be fine.

So in their honor, I am spending the next 14 days on a little series I call “days of love: 14 days of celebrating those we love”. In the next 14 days you can expect some decorating ideas, crafting ideas, sewing ideas, special memories you can make with your family or those you love and more.

But today, in honor of my normal linking madness I thought I would link to a few Valentine ideas that I’ve come across.

One thing I do want to make in these 14 days is a Valentine’s Day wreath. Well actually I want to make one that would carry me from Winter to Valentine’s Day to Easter but you’ll just have to stay tuned for that idea later. But I do love this XOXO wreath on etsy.

I have other table setting ideas that I hope to do this year, but these little XO paper votive holders would be super cute as you think about decorating your table this month.

If I had a mantle to decorate I would definitely do this little birdie paper collage to set on top…speaking of mantle’s check out my friend Tisha’s Valentine’s mantle!

I’ve got a whole host of Valentine ideas to give away on my “to give” board on Pinterest…stay tune for the next 13 days to see which of these we end up choosing!

Happy Weekend and Happy Celebrating!!!

happy luv day

For once, I feel like I actually planned and followed through with doing some special holiday things. I’m horrible at this and I’ve longed for years to be one of those mommas (well just people in general) that made a special breakfast and other little treats throughout special days. This year I’m so happy that I did.


We started out our morning with baked donuts. I found this recipe via Pinterest and although they are good, they look better than they are. I blame this completely on the fact that I was lazy and I made the dough in my breadmaker. I think if I would have done it by hand they would have been more doughy than they are.



We have a tradition of making our own valentines. I really thought this might be the year that my son realized that you could just buy them in a box, but we breezed right past that section of Walmart/Target and I’m so happy that after doing this for so many years he just automatically associates Valentine’s with something he makes himself.

We saw the viking valentine on Pinterest and he decided to draw it. I took a photo of his drawing, used Picnik (oh please don’t close!!) and doctored it up and voila! A super funny valentine for his friends. The chick’s is another pinterest inspired valentine with a ball and a kiss.


For his teacher he decided to do a little embroidery pillow with the initial of his school. I’m so proud of him for finishing it (he was getting a little tired when I suggested the chain stitch around the outside) and he helped me sew it and stuff it last night. So crazy to think he is big enough to just sit at my sewing machine and pretty much do it himself (gone are the days of him sitting in my lap!) The funniest thing about this is the switch of colors on the chain stitch. I asked him why he decided to put grey in there and he said, huh, I thought it was the same! (he is colorblind and I so often forget that)

rooster's finished pillow/embroidery



I decided to make a secret treat for their lunchboxes today and made this snack mix yesterday. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve made this kind of snack mix and now I know why…it’s too addictive!! I found myself walking past it cooling off yesterday and snagging handful after handful. The recipe calls for peanut butter, but we have a peanut allergy in the house so I had to use almond butter. Because of that I ended up having to add probably a tablespoon of canola oil to the melting mixture to help with the spreading ability. It worked out great and tastes divine 🙂 I also threw some raisins in there for good measure.



For the kids this year we decided to make this little mailbox with a “year of valentines“. Each month they get to scratch off a card and see what that month’s special event would be. This month we are going to go to breakfast at a local coffee shop. Next month we are doing a special little overnight trip during spring break. There is also a bowling trip, mini golf, giant picnic with friends, going on a hike, dessert at a restaurant among a few others thing.



And last is the husband. I made this little book of love tickets and also bought a box of hershey kisses and made this little card for the top. We are putting the kids to bed early (haha) and making a special dinner together tonight instead of going out.

so there is our day!

happy valentine’s day everyone!