the crooked stitch {spring sewing classes}

Kids sewing classes spring 2014

While I’ve been pretty sparse around the blog lately, if you’ve followed along at all you know I have a second little venture I’m working on called The Crooked Stitch. While my ultimate goal is to open a brick and mortar sewing lounge of sorts, I’ve started small by offering classes through our amazing Parks and Rec department.

This last week I did a stand alone adult sewing class where we made totebags.

Sewing Class Spring 2014 Totebags

It was a great group of women and it really makes me realize why quilting bees etc used to be so popular. There is really nothing like getting a group of women together and working on a craft. The laughter, conversation and more is so fulfilling and good for the heart.

Adult Sewing Class Spring 2014 Totebags

I let the women pick out their own dimensions for their bags and also the lengths of their handles. Every bag was totally different and each of them did such an amazing job. I had a blast.


For the last almost six weeks I’ve also been teaching a series of sewing to a group of younger girls. They range in age from 6 to 12 and it’s been such fun to see them grow in their skills and confidence.

Kids sewing classes spring 2014

Over the last six weeks, we’ve made little bags, some hoop art, a stuffed bear, some Easter themed projects and more.

Kids sewing classes spring 2014

Kids sewing classes spring 2014

Kids sewing classes spring 2014

This past week I introduced the sewing machines and for our final class we will stitch up a little pillow. I’ve learned so much from these girls and it has been a blast to stretch out my teaching muscles again. I’m super excited for my next round of classes this Fall and for where my journey with The Crooked Stitch will lead.

a new venture


I’m working on a new venture around here.
If you’ve followed this blog, if you know me or if you follow me on facebook, then you know that one of the greatest desires of my hearts has been to open a shop here in my little town. I started a business plan for it about this time last fall and over the course of this past year my focus has changed a little bit. The reality of a storefront at this stage of our lives made me realign my focus a little bit and while I do hope at some point I might have an actual store space, I’m deciding to start smaller. In an effort to bring some accountability to this idea, I’ve finally published the facebook page and am doing a little promo here. Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll have an actual website and I’m hoping to have the beginning stages rolling by October.

stitchLogo Picture File

My plan at this point is to offer two different opportunities:

The first is sewing lessons that come to you. Basically, I come to your house (or wherever is convenient) and work with you on a project, on beginner sewing stuff etc.

And the second is sewing/crafting themed parties for kiddos. I’m pretty sure that the first two offerings will be hand embroidery/hand sewing themed party (such as making an initial hoop and possibly finger puppets) and the other would be making pillowcases with applique initials. Again, these parties would be at your home and I would bring all the materials needed to make the projects. By next spring I hope to have added an American Girl sewing themed party….and many more ideas roaming through my head!!

Want to stay informed on when and where the big launch is? Like The Crooked Stitch on facebook or follow along on this blog for more information coming soon!