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Two daisyeyes shop specials for the next 48 hours! Great stocking stuffers, teacher gifts or hostess gifts! Get them while supplies last…and did I mention free shipping?


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what I’ve been working on…

fourth of July banners

July 4th banners

setting up booths at local markets




working out some “theme/character” capes for the markets and maybe something similar for etsy soon
Theme capes



a few custom capes for a client
Custom cotton superhero capes


new pendants
Embroidered pendants


a new embroidery design



and a work in progress for a client (4 little kiddos all in a row for one lucky grandmother)


but today I’m off to the mountains to play in the creek with my 2 little kiddos!
Happy Monday!

custom capes

One of the things I love most about what I do is custom orders. Some of my favorite ideas have come from people asking me to do something specifically. From embroideries to capes. This superhero cape order for two brothers is probably one of my favorites to date.

Custom cotton superhero capes

Apparently the youngest child is nicknamed “little monkey” and so the parents asked me to do a cape with a monkey face on it. Then they asked if I could do a starburst design behind the monkey, instead of just a plain circle. Honestly, this is what made this cape just pop.

Custom cotton superhero capes

The second one was for the older brother and they asked for a large lightning bolt behind the letter. I love how this one turned out too.

Custom cotton superhero capes

These were both so much fun to design and sew!

thursday threads {new supehero items}

thursday threads


New things are coming into the shop slowly over the next few weeks.

The ever popular DIY felt cape kits are back up and some fun changes have happened!


I have discontinued offering the black color as I was never happy with the quality of that felt. It was the same eco-fi that I use for all my felt sets, but it felt really coarse and never cut well…perhaps something to do with the dye used? In place of the black I am offering a different shade of blue that I call “batman blue” and also have added lavender for all the girl superheroes.


Capes can also be cut in a variety of lengths and as always you are free to mix and match colors, appliques and now lengths!


Now you can get a cape even for the tiniest of all.

2012 DIY felt capes: toddler size

For appliques you can still choose from stars, initials or bolts and now I’ve added a heart all in a variety of custom colors.




I’m also offering superhero belts now. No superhero is complete with his or her power belt! These are made with extra long strips of velcro that should offer a snug fit for many years to come.

superhero belts

These belts are fully machine sewn and put together…ready for the birthday boy or girl order a set for all your guests!


And last is another DIY activity to round out your party: superhero shields.
These have a double layer of felt with a handle already machine sewn and come with a white circle and your choice of a heart or star applique for your guests to glue down.

DIY felt superhero shields

shield description



All of these items are available in daisyeyes handmade’s etsy shop! Order yours today!


Blue Cape Closeup (new tie)

I have been making these superhero capes for about 2 years now. I’m not sure how I got started making them, but through word of mouth I’ve made more than I can begin to imagine. They were one of the first things I listed in my etsy shop and I’ve had a fairly steady current of orders over the years.

I have also had a fair amount of people ask to make large sets of them for party favors. To be honest, these are 100% cotton and machine sewn capes. It takes about 30-45 minutes to put one together from start to finish and so sets are not cheap…but worth it!! Then a few weeks ago a potential client was asking me about putting a set together and later told me that she had decided to put together a DIY sort of craft at her party instead. My mind started rolling and I thought…I can offer something like that on etsy!

DIY cape kits (esty photos)

Enter these DIY cape kits, I went to the fabric store and bought enough fabric to make a set of five and got to work. I quickly took some pictures, listed it on etsy and within twenty-four hours had orders for 35 capes and inquiries about at least 2-3 more sets.

I. was. blown. away.

This has been a crazy good and hard business lesson for me. I had no idea the response would be so great and by this weekend I had to pull all my listings off etsy just to play catch up and not kill my hand. The hardest thing about it all has been pricing. It is terribly hard to be honest and price your labor and materials well. I’ve had to tweak my pricing after my initial listings and that has been so hard! But, I’m learning in this world of business I can’t please everyone. I can’t make everyone happy and I can’t use my pricing and listings to make people “like” me.

But what I can do is be honest and deliver service and a product that is handmade and put together with love and prayer for each recipient.

And if you choose to buy from daisyeyes handmade…that is what you get.

**a note about these kits: as of today I am playing catch up and restocking supplies. I hope to get the listings back up on etsy by the end of the week. Want to know when they are restocked? Like my facebook page to stay up to date**