tipsy-tuesday {transferring embroidery patterns}

When I started really getting into hand embroidery, probably one of the things I had the most frustration with was transferring patterns. There are lots of opinions and options out there to transfer patterns, some work better than others and some probably work better FOR others than others.

For me, the biggest halleluiah was my purchase of a light box.

Transferring patterns

There are a handful of lightboxes out there and most of them are about this size and range in price. I actually bought this one at Hobby Lobby and with a 40% off coupon it ended up being very affordable.
There are things I like about it and things I don’t and at some point I would love to upgrade to a higher end box that lays flat on the table and is a bit bigger. For now, this one works just fine.


Basically you lay your pattern on the box and then your fabric on top of that and flip on the light. It couldn’t be easier than that. Obviously you can only use lighter fabrics, but this has worked well for me even with a light grey. It works well with linen or weaved fabrics too. Yes, you can hold your fabric up to a window (ouch! after a while) or I’ve seen people make these with clear lidded plastic storage boxes and christmas lights. It’s all the same idea and it’s a must if you are going to be transferring lots of patterns.

My second great investment was in the transfer papers that Sublime Stitching sells.

Transferring patterns
Now, DMC sells an “embroidery transfer paper” and honestly it’s crap. Don’t buy it. It’s like chalk and flies off the fabric as soon as you lightly blow on it. For a long, long time I had no good solution for stitching onto dark fabric. There are iron on pens, chalk pencils etc. None of these worked for me because they didn’t hang onto the fabric long enough. Enter Sublime Stitching.

Transferring patterns

Their carbon transfer sheets are nothing short of awesome. She has super fast shipping and the white transfer stays on (even for my super huge embroideries) and it doesn’t rub off very easily. Basically all you do is lay your fabric on the table, place your carbon sheet print side down, put your pattern on top of that and using a ball point pen trace your pattern. I like to gently life up the corners every now and then to make sure I’m getting a good transfer, but I’m telling you that these papers are miracles.

Those are my two favorite ways to transfer patterns. What’s yours?

14 days of love {day 4}


Ten more days until Valentine’s day and today I thought I would share some fun hand embroidery patterns I came across.

First up is this free dutch girl embroidery pattern I found here. This would be a super cute addition to a mantle or even a cute wall hanging for the month of February.



This is another fun embroidery pattern made to look old. This would make some fun tea towels to hang out during this month of love.

Sweet Heart Valentine Embroidery Pattern


Looking for a gift for the love of your life? Sublime Stitching has a great idea for some stitched up boxer shorts!

And here’s one more from Sublime…a hand stitched Valentine’s card.

Happy stitching!

check out THAT button!

I’ve long been a fan of Sublime Stitching. I think Jenny Hart’s book was one of the first books I looked through when I started this sewing journey so many years ago.

I’ve gone back and forth with going through the paperwork to become officially licensed to sell items made from her patterns and a couple of weeks ago I took the jump and it paid off!
I am so excited to share that I am a “bona fide” sublime stitcher!
Check out that little button over there on the side!

So, what does that mean? It means that in January 2013 you can look for a whole host of items made from Sublime’s awesome patterns in the shop.

How’s that for a great start to the weekend!?