throwback thursday {aurelia cardigan}

On Thursdays I “throwback” by pulling from my years of archives. Today I go back and look at the first thing I ever tackled with knits. Honestly It was probably the craziest thing to try and sew as a beginner project, but in the end I was super excited with it and it remains one of my favorite patterns ever. Here’s the final view of the project back from 2012.

I’m still stitching slowly on this cardigan by sew liberated.
Today I was able to sew on the sleeves and the skirt for the bottom.
This is the first time I’ve stitched sleeves onto a knit garment and whew…it was awesome! Love that you can just stretch to make it fit 🙂

aurelia cardigan WIP

I’ve still got to sew in some clear elastic onto the seam where the skirt joins the bodice and a few other finishing up issues. Not to mention all the basting threads I have to pull!

But over all, I’m pretty pleased with it!

And I tried it on and it fits!!

tipsy tuesday {pattern review: lane raglan & plantain tee)

I few months ago I traded in my old serger for a newer one. I had heard raves about Juki sergers and I finally broke down and bought one and honestly I’m beyond happy that I did. My original serger was Husqvarna Viking and not only was it insanely loud it was a bugger to thread. I know, what serger isn’t? But seriously, it was horrendous. The first time I was shown how to thread the Juki I was dying it was so much simpler. Since then I’ve been branching out and learning about sewing knits. I’m still very ignorant when it comes to the types of knits etc, but the more I sew the more I absolutely love it.

Deer and doe plantain tee

The first project I  delved into once I got my serger was the Plantain t-shirt by Deer and Doe. It’s a free pattern by this awesome french pattern company (don’t fret! It’s in English too!) and the knit was one that I had in my stash from way back. I’d been saving it to make a maxi dress or something and still haven’t gotten around to it. I have to say that this t-shirt came together like a dream. I had read a few reviews about the fit and sizing and the sewing angels were over me that day because it fits like a dream.
It’s sort of a scoop neck shirt, but it doesn’t come down too low and it will definitely be a standard t-shirt pattern in my repertoire

Lane Raglan Tee

My most recent knit garment was the Lane Raglan by Hey June patterns. I came across this fun knit at Hobby Lobby and restrained myself from purchasing it the first time I saw it. The second time I was in the store I realized that I had to get some. It feels divine! They have a couple of different color-ways and I had the hardest time figuring out which one to get, but decided the blue was the safest. I wasn’t sure what kind of shirt this would turn out to be, but in the end I really think it turned out super cute. I love, love, love this pattern so much. I’m a sucker for a great raglan t-shirt and this one comes together like a dream. No sewing machine needed: it’s all done on the serger from beginning to end and it’s super simple. My only struggle was with the fit. While I really feel like the overall fit is great, the arms are super long. I need to go back and cut them off a little, but honestly it’s an easy fix and something I know now. I’ve got a couple more yards of knit I’ve gotten my hands on and I’m hoping to make another one asap!

throwback thursday {of the garment sewing kind}

On most Thursdays I go back through my blog archives and pull an old post that is a little dusty and needs to be blown off and cleaned up a little. This Thursday’s post is back from 2008, back when I could sew and dress my chick in whatever I wanted…six years later that isn’t happening. This is a Children’s Corner pattern that I wish they made bigger because I think I would love to sew it again.

flower/gingham front

The past few days I’ve been trying to finish up this outfit. The baby has been sick since Sunday, so time for sewing (or really much of anything) has come hard to find.

flower/gingham shirt

I made the shirt on Saturday before the baby got sick and really had so much fun sewing it, although I made some pretty silly mistakes! I spent some found time yesterday fixing those mistakes and finishing it up. The shirt is Macy by Children’s Corner.

flower/gingham pants

Today I made these little pants to go with it. They are just simple gaucho pants and I added the trim around the bottom.

flower/gingham shirt

I absolutely LOVE this outfit and can’t wait for the baby to be well enough to take her out and show it off!!

tipsy-tuesday {another pattern review: made by rae ruby top}

This summer one of my goals was to make some tank style tops for myself. I have long loved the patterns and styles of Rae at Made by Rae. I fell in love with the lines of her Ruby top and was excited to stitch up a few. After my day of fun trip to my favorite fabric store, I snatched up a few fabrics to put these together and when I got home I promptly got started.

Made by Rae ruby tops

Overall, this is a pretty simple and very well written pattern to put together. I love how it lends itself to so many different variations…not to mention that it can be a top or a dress. There’s a great flickr pool with all the different ways that people have put these together.

Made by Rae ruby tops

My biggest issue with this pattern was sizing and honestly it wasn’t the fault of the pattern, but just my tiny shoulders and bust. I tend to always sew a size up a little bit when I use a pattern for the first time (it’s always easier to take it in and you can’t ever add it back!). After posting the pics on instagram, Rae herself actually commented (how cool is that!?)and suggested making a size small for the yoke and a medium for the bottom…so I will definitely try that again.

Made by Rae ruby tops

After wearing both versions a few times and realizing that they were just too big in the shoulders, I did end up taking some the yoke apart at the shoulders and underarms and bringing it in some. I wore the lighter colored one a few weeks back with a belt and loved how it turned out.

I’m excited to try this pattern again and maybe even try the dress version. I do really think it’s one that I’ll keep and sew again and again, now that I have the sizing down. I highly recommend it!

pattern review {O + S badminton shirt}

Oliver and s badminton shirt

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any amount of time you will know that I’m a huge fan of Oliver + S patterns. I truly give these patterns all the credit for teaching me so much about sewing and pattern construction. I’ve sewn quite a few independent and boutique patterns over the years and I always come back to O+S because it’s almost always a no fail pattern.

I’ve made the coordinating badminton skort a few times and love how easily it comes together. It lends itself to so many easy adaptations and alterations, but I hadn’t had a chance to put the  shirt together until this summer.

Oliver and s badminton shirt

The bird fabric is an organic by Birch and the grey trim fabric is from the Ed Emberly collection. Both were lovely to work with and I love how they came together.

Oliver and s badminton shirt

The little tie on the front was actually some trim I ordered years ago from the Netherlands and never used it for what I had originally intended. I think it was honestly the perfect way to top off this little shirt!

This is a great pattern and pretty easy to put together. It came together in an afternoon and the hardest part were the “sleeves”. The original pattern has a ruffle on the shoulders and my chick is very anti-ruffle so we opted to leave that part off. While it did save a step, had I realized we weren’t going to add the ruffle I would have probably altered how I constructed that shoulder seam a little better. I also added some length to the bottom of the shirt.

Oliver and s badminton shirt

The thing I love about Oliver + S is that no matter what you sew, you end up with a garment that 1. doesn’t necessarily look like your mom made it (you know what I mean) and 2. you have a garment that looks so complicated to construct, but yet it really isn’t.

I would say this is a great pattern for an advanced beginner.

pattern review times 2 {the honey blouse & meadow spirit skirt)

Today I decided to finish up some projects. It’s stupidly cold outside and blustery and not even a drop of sunshine. A great day to stay inside and sew.

I started out with a skirt using the Meadow Spirit Skirt by Joel Dewberry. I can’t remember who the fabric is by, but it’s a lovely (and groovy) corduroy that I bought the last time I ventured to Textile Fabrics in Nashville.

Joel Dewberry/Meadow Spirit Skirt

It’s the first time I’ve sewn a zipper in I can’t remember when and I don’t miss putting them in! Although I did do something a little different this time. Instead of slip-stitching by hand the facing down, I added a second round of stitches by machine. I’ve been doing this with hems for a while and it gives it a little something rather than just one simple seam (and hides mistakes).

Joel Dewberry/Meadow Spirit Skirt

There’s nothing more fun than sewing pleats though. It’s like a super easy, yet fancy looking treat.

Joel Dewberry/Meadow Spirit Skirt

Overall, this is a great pattern. I opted not to do the pleated hem at the bottom because it was honestly going to make the skirt way longer than I wanted it to. It’s an easy pattern (minus the hem pleats that looked a little tricky) and probably would be a great first zipper skirt for someone.


I closed off my day of sewing by finishing up this horrible shirt I started a while ago. I have to say that this is one of the worst patterns I have sewn from in a long time. More sad is that I love this shirt pattern and I love the look of all her patterns. Boo. The pattern is The Honey Blouse by Make It Perfect.

The Honey Blouse/Make it Perfect

To begin with you have to trace all the pieces. Maybe I am lazy or old fashioned, but if I am going to pay for a boutique pattern then I don’t want to have to run around finding paper and tracing and cutting. Next was sizing. My measurements were in between a small and a medium so I opted to go larger with the idea that it’s typically easier to take something in rather than try and add some fabric back. Um…the sizing is all wacky on this shirt. It is ginormous and there was no way that I knew how to take it in, mostly because it was the neckline that was just huge.

The Honey Blouse/Make it Perfect

The directions were so-so and honestly not well understandable to a veteran seamstress…let alone a newbie. I have to say I was pretty bummed by the whole thing. This Amy Butler fabric has been in my stash for a while now and it was so disappointing to make something with it and not even be able to wear it. Although! I have a sweet friend for whom this shirt fits well enough. If I can’t wear this lovely fabric, at least I can share it with a friend!

pattern/book review: Simple Sewing

A sun hat

I’ve had this book, Simple Sewing, by Lotta Jansdotter for a while now and haven’t done more than look through it. While sitting out in the sun the other day, I realized that this might be the summer to invest in some kind of hat. I remembered seeing a pattern for it in this book and thought it was high time to make something out of it.


The pattern is pretty straight forward and simple and you can easily make this with about 1/2 yard of fabric for each the outside and the lining. This fabric is Aneela Hoey’s Little Apples that I had leftover from this outfit that my darling daughter refuses to wear. The inside is some Riley Blake leftover from her Easter dress last year (that she also refuses to wear…do you see a trend?)

A sun hat

Overall this hat came together really easily. The brim was a little monotonous to sew line after line, but I love how it looks and feels now that it’s done. I did have a few snafus matching up the brim to the top and the lining didn’t go in well either. I don’t know if this is something I did wrong (more than likely) or if my seam allowances didn’t all match or what.

A sun hat

One change was that I did not hand stitch the lining in. I serged it because I can and because I am too lazy to sit and sew something like that. I think if I make another hat, I will put the outside and the lining together first and baste them, then serge them both to the brim at the same time. There is a lot of bunchiness on the top which I think would be alleviated by doing it that way.

This is a great book though. It has some really cute (and simple…tee hee) pattern ideas inside it and the directions are well written even for a fairly novice sewer.