me + you {custom embroidery and new listing}

I feel like it’s been forever since I introduced a new embroidery to the shop.
I’ve had this wedding hoop idea roaming through my head for a while now and I usually love to stitch up prototypes as gifts, rather than letting them hang on my walls forever. There’s an upcoming wedding coming up at my husband’s office, so I thought I would stitch up the design for the bride and groom.

New me+you wedding hoop. Negative space lazy daisies

I took what I knew of their wedding colors and style of wedding and chose some really light blush pinks, greys and champagne colors.

New me+you wedding hoop. Negative space lazy daisies

I outlined a 5×9 oval hoop and the initials of the bride and groom and filled in the hoop with french knots and lazy daisies. I’m absolutely in love with the idea of negative space and the trick it sort of plays with your eyes.

New me+you wedding hoop. Negative space lazy daisies

The listing is up in the shop now. It’s a perfect wedding or anniversary gift and can be stitched in the colors of your choice.

New me+you wedding hoop. Negative space lazy daisies

I typically wrap my hoops with fabric or ribbon, but this time around I thought I would try something different and used this satin trim. I love how it turned out, but as with any hoop you are welcome to have it left natural or wrapped with a variety of materials.

31 days of embroidery {french knot}

Oh, the french knot. Probably one of my favorite stitches. It lends itself to so many differing things!
A couple of the first things I ever embroidered were from these Aunt Martha embroidery transfers and the hair was all french knots. Love it!

melongirl1pouty face


They also make great eyes!



And a few days ago I came across this pinned on Pinterest…how cool is this!?


And sometimesIswirl is one of my favorite etsy shops and she makes these amazing french knot embroideries (and now in pendants too!)

Source: via Oh on Pinterest



Enough examples, let’s get on with it!

Here is a link to photo directions on how to do the FRENCH KNOT

and here is my video! Enjoy!