new banners coming soon!


I feel like I’ve been working on these rainbow banners for months! It’s taken me longer than I wanted to get all the numbers sewn for the first three and today I finally had the time to sew the banners…two of them at least! I ran out of bias and had to order some more; from the Netherlands! So it’s not like I’m going to be finishing these tomorrow either! Ugg! Oh well, it helps me figure out how best to list them!

I am One banner

The numbers are embroidered with this really awesome variegated thread. I just love how it turned out. The pennants are made from eco-fi felt scraps (leftover from all my cape sets I do!). They are double layered so it hangs much better than just a single layer felt pennant and is more durable.

I am Three + mini banner

Obviously you can see which one I didn’t get done! I am Two is coming up as soon as my sweet package from Europe arrives!


The little banner is just that: a mini banner perfect for high chairs, the backs of chairs (think a new way to do place cards!) and coordinates perfectly with the larger banners.

All of these banners should be up in the shop in the next couple of weeks. Buyers will have an option of 3-4 different bias trims for the top along with the specific birthday number they are celebrating.

Coming soon!!!

hello stranger

This last month has been a doozy. I feel like I’ve been away from daisyeyes forever and it has been a nice reprieve to pick it back up again; albeit slowly. I’m still technically on call for this interim teaching position so I’m still kind of in limbo until after spring break. After spending nearly 3 weeks back in a classroom, we packed up and drove all the way to Florida to hang out with the Mouse and nearly a bagillion other people. We had a fantastic week and had so much fun, but I was super happy to be back home. I’m slowly becoming more of a fan of instagram and you can see some great pictures from our trip here if you become a follower.

I’ve slowly had a few things in the works for the shop and hope to keep slowly rolling them out over the next few weeks.

First up is this rainbow birthday banner:

WIP...123's for the banners to be

I love how these numbers look and can’t wait to get the whole banner completed. The banners will say “I AM ONE” or TWO or THREE etc. You get the picture.


Going along with these rainbow banners is this little mini bunting I made. The letters are all hand embroidered onto mini pennant banners and it makes the perfect little reusable decoration for a high chair, regular chair or anything else you can think of.

mini hand stitched pennant banners

These little banners are already in the shop and ready to be made just for you!


Last up is the first of a few different styles of birth announcements. This is the subway style version. It’s all hand embroidered in a cool variety of fonts and fully customized to the specifics of the little dude or chick!

birth announcement: subway style

They measure 9×12 and are also in the shop ready to be made just for you! Turn around time for these is about 2-3 weeks.

That’s about it for now. Hopefully I can be back to regular postings in the next week or so…but that proves to be seen just yet.

Off to watch some Alias (yes I’m like 10 years behind the times, but thank goodness for Netflix!)