embroidered birth announcement

It’s always one of the most refreshing things ever to see something that you had pictured in your mind come together via your hands. That was the case with this birth announcement.


I had done a subway style version to begin with and I did love how it turned out, but I knew I wanted to do a more girly version. After doing some research and looking around the web, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at a mix of felt flowers and embroidery.


I added a few vintage buttons to the mix, plus some lazy daisy stitches and I’m stunned with how well it turned out.


These will be up in the shop in the coming weeks so you can get your own custom made version!


happy fourth of july!!

So, yesterday I decided that I needed to do a craft project. No worries about the fact that we were hosting 20 plus people for a block party that night. No, I needed to make a wreath.

Fourth of July wreath and front door

Here’s a glimpse at my festive front door! The pennant banner was out of my stock of these felt fourth of July banners that have been a hit in the shop! I’ve had these listed in more treasuries than I could have ever imagined. All I need now is some little flags for my pots on the front porch.

The wreath was the result of a huge stash of felt scraps I have hanging around my house!

Fourth of July wreath and front door

I wrapped a wreath form with strips of red and blue felt. Then I used my fun little Sizzix cutter to cut out some white flowers and then added some blue and red hand cut ones to top it off.

Fourth of July wreath and front door

The stars were out of my stash of Sizzix stars that were too small for my banners.

All in all, I’m crazy excited about it. I think it turned out so cute and can’t wait to make some more festive wreaths.

Happy Fourth everyone!

31 days: a yarn wreath complete!

Day 6: I finished the yarn wreath!

I must say that this is probably one of my most favorite crafting projects I’ve done in a long time. I just love how it turned out!

As I was wrapping this wreath I was really thinking that this is nuts and I’m probably going to hate it. I kept saying there is no way I would make another one of these things! But now, I just can’t wait to make another one!

Overall, it was a tedious project, but with great results. Aren’t all crafting projects on the side of tedious anyhow! It’s the joy that comes from seeing the fruits of your labor that make it all worth it!

Coming up next…some good stuff from the kitchen!

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31 days: a wrapped up wreath + some felt flowers

Day 5:
Last night was one of those challenging nights where I really just wanted to sit on the computer and piddle around, but I knew I had to get this wreath wrapped! So wrap I did. Thanks to my sweet husband for a little help! Together we got it done in about 45 minutes. Whew.

Here’s how it looks all wrapped up:

yarn wreath wrapped!


Today I worked on the felt flowers. I love felt. It’s the most forgiving kind of thing you can work with, comes in all different colors and types and can make something so simple look so beautiful. I used some eco-fi felt from my stash and the kids and I got busy using this tutorial and made up some flowers.

felt flowers for yarn wreath

Curious to see the finished product?

I’m really excited with how it’s turning out. Come back tomorrow for the big reveal!

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31 days: the beginning of a yarn wreath

Welcome 31 dayers!

Today is Day 4 and I am starting to make a yarn wreath. I knew going into this one that it would take me at least 3 days to get this wreath done and after working for about thirty minutes this morning I realized that was gonna be true!

These wreaths are popping up all over Pinterest and I just fell in love with them. I used to be the person who had the perfect seasonal wreath for her front door, fit with dried/fake flowers and all sort of little trinkets. At some point, I just stopped making them and honestly have this great wrath for fake flowers now. But when I saw these wreaths on Pinterest I got back into the wreath making mood again.

Here’s a few of my favorites via Pinterest:

Source: etsy.com via aimee on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via aimee on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via aimee on Pinterest

and this one is my ultimate inspiration:

Source: etsy.com via aimee on Pinterest

After scouring the walls of Hobby Lobby, I finally settled on at least 3 different yarns to use. After I got back home, I remember my own stash of yarn from when I thought I might be a knitter (ha!) and found a couple of other yarns to add.

After trying to figure out a quick way to wind (which there isn’t, I’m convinced) and spending about twenty minutes winding I stopped and saw my great progress…not! This is going to take some patience!

I think I’m going to have to find some good t.v. tonight or some good music this afternoon to get me going again!
Here’s hoping I get it wound the rest of the way today, so we can work on some felt flowers tomorrow!