throwback thursday {31 days}

It’s October and that means it’s time for the blog-worlds big hosting of 31 days of…
I’ve participated on and off through the years and both times it’s been a craft related adventure.


he first year time was back in 2011 where I attempted to do a project of some sort everyday. I’m telling you it was crazy stressful and I won’t be repeating that again. You can find all my attempts at projects here.

The second year was in 2012 when I decided to challenge myself to a different embroidery stitch every day. It’s probably been one of my most popular pins on pinterest and I learned a lot!


This year I am back joining in with the 31 dayers, but I’m not crafting with materials, but rather with words. I’ve reopened my journal/writing blog and I’m challenging myself to write everyday. Those writing muscles that used to be so loose and free are super tensed up and I’m ready to let loose.

WIP {luna moth}

After a slew of custom orders, I finally took up this lovely luna moth I had transferred like a million months ago.

Luna moth WIP - pattern via Urban Threads

She is stitched with a mix of dmc thread, coton a broder and lovely d’aubusson wool floss.

Luna moth WIP - pattern via Urban Threads

She is outlined with a backstitch, the wings are filled in with a brick stitch and the body and head are a padded satin stitch.

Luna moth WIP - pattern via Urban Threads

I finished up the moth last night and hope to get the background finished in the next couple of days.

Then she can join her other winged friend on my wall. (But she is available for purchase in the shop)

butterfly hoopart2

These are a set of patterns available from Urban Threads.

little embroidery update

Here’s some pictures of some projects my hands have been busy stitching up over the last few months. Most of these are available in the shop, locally at The Village Tinker or can be custom ordered.

I just finished up a family hoop embroidery. These are probably my most favorite thing to stitch! It’s the closest thing to painting I’ll ever get to!


I designed a hoop with a few lines from a Coldplay song that I love. The original design was all in black, then I had a request for a custom embroidery in grey and yellow to match a nursery. Now I can’t decide which one I love more!

Coldplay stars quote. Custom grey and yellow

Coldplay: stars shine


I love using button’s as stars and after I designed the Coldplay hoop, I found this quote which I stitched up and set in this awesome vintage metal hoop I had in my stash.



Speaking of vintage metal hoops. I scored a few of them at the flea market last fall and I also fell in love with this vintage yellow pillowcase. I just knew that at some point I would have to figure out something to stitch on it and to use these hoops for. I knew it would have to be “sun” related too, so I came up with these little hoops.

good morning sunshine

you are my sunshine


One of my embroidery goals for the first part of this year was to design a bunch of coffee themed hoops for your kitchen, office or wherever. Here’s a glimpse of the series I did.

coffee hoop

Coffee embroidery. Psalm

Home is where the coffee is embroidered typography


I also did a series of boy’s bathroom art that were so fun to stitch! These are currently for sale at The Village Tinker, but you can order them custom through the shop!

Boys bath art Dino pirate Viking


I stitched up a custom wedding announcement based on my subway style birth announcement.

Custom wedding announcement


And last but not least, I entered into my sewing buddie’s February challenge by designing an artist trading card. One of my next embroidery goals this spring is to design a bunch of bookmarks for the shop. I sort of used this as a jumping point for what I hope these bookmarks might be like (only bigger!)

Sewing buddy project: artist trading card

It was a blast to sew! It’s always so refreshing to just sit and “free embroider” as I will. Not going over a traced out pattern, just sewing as the whim takes me.

Whew! That’s just a little glimpse at what my hands have been into the past few months. I’ve got a stack of embroidery orders on the table as I type and the shop is on vacation for a week or so to give me time to catch up AND celebrate spring break with my kiddos.

product placement

Here’s an update on what I’ve been busy with these last few weeks…

A set of Mo Willem’s pigeon themed items…

Mo Willems Pigeon set

ornaments for your tree (or your teacher’s tree!)
Mo Willems Pigeon embroidered ornament set

hoops for your wall

Mo Willems Pigeon embroidered hoops set

clutches (and introducing a new smaller size)

Mo Willems Pigeon clutches set

custom onesies for a gift order

baby onesies: flower w/name

new packaging for my advent calendar/christmas countdown sets

advent set 2013 packaging

color your tree with an initial for everyone in your family

felt letter ornaments

part one of a set of embroidered moleskin journals

embroidered moleskin journals

peace-hope-joy-love ornament set

Felt Christmas hoop ornament set

Most of these items are only available locally. I will be at the Maryville Farmer’s Market Holly Days tomorrow morning from 9-2 and all of these items will be available there. It is part of the Christmas open house for the town of Maryville. All the local shops are running specials all day.

And then I will be at the Christmas Fair at Fellowship Church in Knoxville in early December. If you aren’t local and see something you can’t get in the shop, just email me or join my facebook page and we can figure out how to get the perfect gift to you!

little bit of stitching

One major change I’ve made in my schedule the last few months is to dedicate at least an hour in the afternoon to embroidery. It has been my hour of quiet (well kind of quiet as I’ve been sucked into watching the old tv show Alias) before I go bring the kiddos home from school. The question is how will I manage this time when they are at home this summer!?

Anyhow, it’s been a huge gift to myself and in that I’ve been able to accomplish so much more embroidery than previously. Here are a few glimpses of some things I’ve been able to finish the last few weeks…

Our elementary school has themes for their classrooms for grades preschool through second and my chick shares a class with two teachers (and subsequently two themes). They are the Cliffords and Nemos. I made these banners for their end of the year teacher gifts.

clifford banner

nemo banner: nemo close up

It was fun to stitch something so different than the traditional banners I’ve been making.


Next up I’m making some smaller embroideries for some pendants, ornaments and more to sell at the Farmer’s Market this season. Here is a glimpse at the little ballerinas

ballerinas WIP

I love stitching small, detailed things like this. It stretches me as an embroiderer and also is as close to painting a picture as I’ll ever get!


I finished another version of the THINK before you speak pattern. This is an aqua version, custom designed for a client.

Before you speak: aqua version


I made a new version of my French themed banners. This time the client requested the words “joyeux anniversaire” in black and white. I really love how it turned out.

french banner b&w


That’s about it for now. I’m rolling out a new Scripture themed embroidery hopefully soon with all the fruits of the Spirit, a smaller version of the Sarah Williams quote from The Astronomer poem and a couple of new custom embroideries too.

Happy Tuesday and happy stitching!

hello there {thursday threads} and a give away!

thursday threads

It feels like years since I did a thursday threads post! I’ve been swamped for the past month or so with some crazy big orders and this week I’ve had the chance to catch my breath. As my friend said, it’s “feast or famine” over here. And honestly as grateful as I am for the way that my little etsy shop is contributing to our family (and my ability to stay home) it sure is nice to have a little breather!

I’ve got a few things on my table and on my needle starting this week. A couple things for the shop, a fundraising sort of holiday sale I’m going to participate in and some holiday gifts for family.

First up is a new adoption embroidery that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I saw this quote on Pinterest a loooooong time ago and have loved it ever since. This is a gender neutral version that could hopefully hang in a nursery for either a boy or girl or even just in your home. Can’t wait to share the finished project!


Second up are these felt gingerbread houses. The pattern comes from umecraft shop on etsy (she is generous enough to allow you to make and sell items from her patterns!) and it’s totally a stretch for me but something I’ve been wanting to tackle for a long time. I’m hoping if these gingerbread houses are a success, I can modify the pattern and make some little storybook houses with peg doll characters next year. The that I love about these is that they are reusable. I know that decorating a real, food gingerbread house is fun, but it drives me crazy to spend all that money on food and let it sit there for weeks and then throw it away! This way you get the fun year after year and it’s good for all ages!


children's embroidery kit: pinks

Another new item I was able to finish this week are these sewing/hand embroidery kits for young children. I’ve had the idea for these stored up in my head for a while and I’m still tinkering with the results, but after a test run with my 5 year old they are ready to go! It is such a joy to see something that I’ve dreamed up in my head come to life. I’m super proud of these and I am so excited to share them that I’m offering a give away of one set. Just leave a comment by Friday, November 9 at midnight and I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner on Saturday.


Camera WIP

Last up is this camera embroidery for my brother. It’s time to start stitching holiday gifts and this is the first in line! The pattern is from Urban Threads. I’m planning on doing the whole thing in black, but changing up the types of thread (linen, cotton and cotton pearl) and stitch thickness (aka 1 v. 3 strands).

That’s about it! Whew!
Don’t forget about the give away!!!