some holiday WIP

Lots of crafting and sewing going on over here. Actually that is sort of a lie as I’m pretty much in denial that we have a birthday in this house in less than a week and then Christmas in less than 2. That said, it was finally time to get the teacher gifts together.


11 mugs all in a row

This year we opted to give a little something to all the kid’s teachers; special area teachers included. I saw this idea for these mugs on Pinterest (of course) and after hunting high and low for a Porcelaine pen we got started today. The pen is super easy to work with, if you keep a steady hand! It is dishwasher safe in 72 hours without baking. Super easy! We gathered up the best looking mugs at Goodwill (20 cents each!) and the plan is the fill them with packs of hot chocolate packets (and a gift card for their primary teachers). Keep an eye out for the finished product in the next couple of days. An easy gift for many teachers all for less than $25.


A looooong time ago I glittered these houses I found at Hobby Lobby and last year I found this little set of birdhouse ornaments at Target after Christmas and thought they would make a neat addition to my set.

Glitter bird houses before

Glitter bird houses WIP

I absolutely hate working with glitter, but I make concessions for Martha’s glitter as it cleans up fairly easy and it really just turns out so well! I started out today by glittering the roofs and hopefully tomorrow I’ll add the bottom part of the house.



Camera embroidery WIP

And I’ve got one embroidery on my hoop to finish before Christmas. It’s a camera with my brother’s name on it for his office. I’m stitching it onto 100% linen and using a mix of pearl cotton, cotton and rayon floss. I’m hoping to do a mix of floss strands too to give it more a dimensional look. The pattern is from Urban Threads and while it’s a really awesome pattern, I’m afraid it’s going to be a bit tricky!

There you have it! All my hands in many pots!

hello there {thursday threads} and a give away!

thursday threads

It feels like years since I did a thursday threads post! I’ve been swamped for the past month or so with some crazy big orders and this week I’ve had the chance to catch my breath. As my friend said, it’s “feast or famine” over here. And honestly as grateful as I am for the way that my little etsy shop is contributing to our family (and my ability to stay home) it sure is nice to have a little breather!

I’ve got a few things on my table and on my needle starting this week. A couple things for the shop, a fundraising sort of holiday sale I’m going to participate in and some holiday gifts for family.

First up is a new adoption embroidery that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I saw this quote on Pinterest a loooooong time ago and have loved it ever since. This is a gender neutral version that could hopefully hang in a nursery for either a boy or girl or even just in your home. Can’t wait to share the finished project!


Second up are these felt gingerbread houses. The pattern comes from umecraft shop on etsy (she is generous enough to allow you to make and sell items from her patterns!) and it’s totally a stretch for me but something I’ve been wanting to tackle for a long time. I’m hoping if these gingerbread houses are a success, I can modify the pattern and make some little storybook houses with peg doll characters next year. The that I love about these is that they are reusable. I know that decorating a real, food gingerbread house is fun, but it drives me crazy to spend all that money on food and let it sit there for weeks and then throw it away! This way you get the fun year after year and it’s good for all ages!


children's embroidery kit: pinks

Another new item I was able to finish this week are these sewing/hand embroidery kits for young children. I’ve had the idea for these stored up in my head for a while and I’m still tinkering with the results, but after a test run with my 5 year old they are ready to go! It is such a joy to see something that I’ve dreamed up in my head come to life. I’m super proud of these and I am so excited to share them that I’m offering a give away of one set. Just leave a comment by Friday, November 9 at midnight and I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner on Saturday.


Camera WIP

Last up is this camera embroidery for my brother. It’s time to start stitching holiday gifts and this is the first in line! The pattern is from Urban Threads. I’m planning on doing the whole thing in black, but changing up the types of thread (linen, cotton and cotton pearl) and stitch thickness (aka 1 v. 3 strands).

That’s about it! Whew!
Don’t forget about the give away!!!