happy 60

My aunt and uncle are getting ready to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. As much as we tried to make it happen, a trip to California wasn’t in the cards for us to help them celebrate in person. So my parents are delivering a special gift from me…

Custom 60th wedding anniversary embroidery

I took my little family people and this newspaper clipping and stitched up the happy couple.


Custom 60th wedding anniversary embroidery

They are stitched with a combination of rayon floss and cotton floss and I added some beads for my aunts pearl necklace and her veil headdress.

Her wedding flowers were sweet peas and gladiolas. So I tried my hand at stitching up a gladiola on the bottom and stuck with her colors of salmon/peachy and yellow for the rest of the little flowers.

Custom 60th wedding anniversary embroidery

Here’s to 60 years Uncle Bob and Aunt Lillian!

custom embroidery

This has been on my hoop for the past 3 weeks and while it was fun to do I am not sad to see it done! I love how these big embroideries turn out, but man oh man they wear me out!


This was a second year anniversary gift for the client’s husband. The pink was requested to match their wedding colors; black and pink.

I also redesigned the original pattern with a different version of Scripture that she was looking for. I kind of like this redesign better! Isn’t that the way it works?!