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I’ve had these adoption embroideries designed for probably the past six months and finally was able to get them done this summer. I’m crazy happy with how they turned out.

new adoption embroideries

While I’ve done a few embroidery items focused on the country of Africa, I have wanted to move towards offering some items that are for other countries as well. With these new sets, you have a choice of



or Haiti



There are two options for stitching: either the outline of the country or a hand appliqued outline of the country. Buyers also have a choice of 6 different colorways in this fun American Jane fabric.



Why adoption themed embroideries and why “love finds a way”? I’m surrounded by amazing friends who have answered the call to adopt from foreign countries. I’ve had the privilege of walking this road of almost 8 years for some. It is filled with blessing, but also such trial. And the way all of these friends persevered through it was through love. Love for these children that they knew the Lord had placed in their care. These embroideries are a tribute to those friends and all the many others out there that have walked the same path.

If you didn’t know it, this year I’m giving a portion of all my sales to Lola Children’s Home in Ethiopia. When you buy from daisyeyes handmade, you are helping to support the vision of Abebe Fantahun who started a home for HIV+ orphans and their siblings. So far I have been able to give nearly $80 of my profits to help support this ministry. I’m thankful for the ability to give out of the blessings that God has given me.


I’m hoping to showcase a few new items in the shop over the next week or so, but the biggest news (and the one I’m most excited for) is my ability to donate part of purchases. The Lord has blessed me beyond belief to be able to stay at home and grow this business. Last year was amazing and I’m beyond excited about what is going to happen this year.

One way that I am giving back this year is by donating a portion of all sales to Lola Children’s Home in Mekele, Ethiopia.


Why Lola Children’s Home?
I found out about Lola’s via our church and honestly it just seemed a good fit. While our family isn’t called at this point to adopt a child, we are still burdened for orphans and this is one way that we are seeking to support orphan care. The story of Abebe Fantahun is incredibly inspiring and I’m so excited to be able to give back a tiny bit of what God is blessing me with.


thursday threads {adoption fundraising}

Covered in Stitches Entry: SNEAK PEEK

I totally blanked on Thursday Threads last week. Sorry about that!

This week I wanted to highlight something that is dear to my heart. I am surrounded by a whole host of sweet friends who have adopted or are in the process. Adoption is crazy expensive and there are many different takes on how to raise money to adopt. While some of my friends have saved and saved for it, others have sought to raise support via different means. That’s where I come in. I’ve been honored to have been a small part of a few stories of those raising funds to adopt and every time it’s truly been such a joy.

25 little charms all in a row

What are all those tiny envelopes you might ask? Inside each package is an original daisyeyes handmade Africa pendant.

africa charms packaging

Each pendant is hand embroidered by me and includes a tiny felt heart placed on the spot you desire. Then each package is cut out and sewn up and ready for you to resell at the price you desire. All I charge is cost + labor and offer free shipping!!

africa charms packaging

I recently had a client who ordered 50 pendants to help raise funds for their adoption of a little girl from Ethiopia. Recently I followed up with her to see how things were going and she happily reported that they raised enough money for airfare! I was ecstatic!

I’m beyond blessed to have played a small part in their story to bring this little girl home!

Interested in finding out more? You can find these sets for sale in my etsy shop or feel free to email me with any questions!

africa love

I’ve had Africa on the brain lately. A dear friend brought home their little girl a few weeks ago and I finally got to meet her yesterday (yeah!). In celebration of her arrival, I made this little embroidery to hang in her nursery. The chick and I found this book called Little Treasures: Endearments from Around the World and absolutely fell in love with it. It’s basically a little fun dictionary of things people from around the world call their children. When I saw the page with Ethiopian endearments, I knew I had to do something with it. I’ve loved this little pouty girl since the first time I stitched her way back when and there is nothing more fun that making a bunch of little french knots! This is also the first time I’ve attempted to shade in an embroidery with pencils too and I’m loving the end results.

ethiopian endearment w/pouty girl


I also had a request via etsy to make an embroidered charm of Africa with a heart over Ethiopia. I think it turned out great…hope she did too!

africa pendant (heart on ethiopia)

Martha of the Month: intro & January edition

I have a love-hate relationship with Martha Stewart. I completely respect her crafting, sewing and general creating abilities. She has an incredible eye and has created an amazing team with which to build her brand and company. Her books have always been beautiful to look at and walking through the aisles of Michael’s Arts & Crafts I want to have that whole wall of crafting stuff mainly because of how pretty it is.

I was introduced to these Encyclopedias of… books a year or so ago. I ended up buying the craft one first (oh Borders and your 40% off coupons…how I miss you!) and quickly realized that the one I had really wanted was the sewing/fabric version. My sweet hubbie got it for me this past Christmas. It’s awesome (you can tell by all the tagged pages!). But, once I started working on a project I realized that this is a Martha Stewart project and it requires some sort of special crafting/creating fairy godmother to appear. Ha!


But, this is the year I’m going to tackle my fear, anxiety and frustration with the Queen of Craft. I’m committing myself to choose one project each month to create or learn from one of these Encyclopedias and post the results here. We will call them my “Martha of the Month” entries. I can’t promise these will come on any specific day of the month, but if you haven’t become a subscriber to daisyeyes, maybe this will be your incentive!


January’s project comes from the Sewing and Fabric Encyclopedia. It is a cloth doll and honestly was a booger to make. I can’t blame this solely on Martha though. Every time I go to create some sort of stuffed doll or softie, I become more and more amazed at the talent of so many on the www. Hillary Lang probably being my favorite. That said, this was for a precious friend who is bringing home a sweet baby girl from Africa and was requested by her. How could I resist?

I pretty much only changed a few things from the pattern instructions. I actually used my machine to make a stitch around the arms, legs and neck to pull tightly (she says to hand stitch). I ended up cutting the squares for her feet and hands about 3×3″ instead of her recommended 1×1″. Overall, she came together pretty well. There is really only one snafu on her, but I’m not going to tell you where! It is a ton of hand stitching (which for as much as I love to embroider; hand sewing and sewing on buttons are my least favorite!) but sometimes that is more forgiving than a machine.

MoM: doll

The best thing about this doll though is her hair. I found this tutorial and it was AWESOME! Super easy, made perfect sense and came together just like the tutorial said! The only thing different that I did was I actually stitched down the middle of the hair-line/part to add some extra oomf.

Here is the complete gift. Sweet little doll baby and a onesie made just for her.

MoM: doll & onesie

Here are links to all of my projects:

February: a dress for a little girl from a man’s dress shirt
March: ribbon trimmed bulletin board
April: the beginnings of a school memory book (making the pages)
May: sweet embroidered napkins with vintage buttons