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Hello there and welcome to 2015!

If you’ve been subscribing or reading this blog in a reader well you have probably noticed the lack of posting…that’s because I’ve upgraded to a brand new fancy website and you will need to head over there and resubscribe (which I hope you will do) and/or add the new blog link into your reader of choice.

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Thanks friends for all your support and love of daisyeyes handmade!

a random update

Life’s been crazy. The blog is totally on the back burner until 2015…but then I have big goals and aspirations. Here’s a few glimpses from the past little while and a few words.

My custom birth announcement design got a lovely shout out from Urban Threads for the use of their animal patterns. I love their patterns and will use them over and over again. They are hip, simple, sweet and honestly they are just a great company to support.


I’m deep in the throws of a huge commissioned embroidery. This is a double wedding vows embroidery with a little applique in the middle. I’ve got big plans for that tree, but first I’ve got to finish all the text. Almost there.





I’m wrapping up my last few embroidered shoe orders for the year. If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that I would end up stitching so many pairs of shoes AND loving every minute of it I would have called you a liar. Honestly, it’s this little venture that has really helped me shape the direction I hope to go in the new year.

Custom embroidered TOMS - wedding shoes

One thing I love most is the stories I get to be a part of. For example: this bride requested a sunshine on the side of their shoes because she and her groom met for the first time on a sunrise hike. What a fun way to remember that awesome memory!

Custom embroidered TOMS - wedding shoes

That’s about it for now. Like I said, I’ve got big plans for 2015. It’s been an amazing year for me – learning what I love to do, learning what I don’t love to do and learning how to say no and also how to stick my neck out in big ways. I’m excited for the future and so hopeful.

tutorial {wreath ornament with felt scraps}

Pinterest is filled with tutorials for all sorts of holiday decor and ornaments. This little ornament tutorial was inspired by a few felt scrap variations I have seen floating around pinterest and instagram lately. Here’s a few pics that formed my inspiration:


from This Old House


and here’s my version



Wreath ornament tutorial with felt scraps

You will need to gather up…
a 4 inch hoop
black (or whatever color you want) fabric for the top
twine for hanging
sewing machine
wool felt scraps in a variety of greens
a selection of red buttons

Wreath ornament tutorial with felt scraps

Take your felt scraps and trim them into roughly one inch wide strips. Then snip off little 1/4 inch pieces to make your wreath with.

Wreath ornament tutorial with felt scraps
Take a chalk pencil and outline the top part of your hoop to use as a guide for your wreath. If you are using white or light colored fabric, use a water soluble marker.

Wreath ornament tutorial with felt scrapsWreath ornament tutorial with felt scraps
Now here’s the tricky part. I laid out just a few green strips and then stitched slowly over them. When I came near the end of the last strip, I lifted up my presser foot and laid down some more. Just go slowly and stitch along as you go around the circle. I never laid down more than about an inch or so of strips as I was going around the circle.

Wreath ornament tutorial with felt scraps

Now that you’ve made it once around the circle, take a a few little strips to add a second “layer” and fill in some of the holes that might have happened while stitching around the first time.

Wreath ornament tutorial with felt scraps

Stitch around a second time.

Wreath ornament tutorial with felt scraps
Now it’s time for buttons. Gather up a few red buttons, some red thread and stitch them down. I find it’s much easier to stitch them down if you go ahead and set your wreath in the embroidery hoop.

Use your pretty christmas fabric for the back and make a hoop sandwich. The hoop circle without the bolt goes on the bottom, then your pretty fabric (right side down), the sewn wreath (right side up) and top it off with the bolt part of the hoop.
Wreath ornament tutorial with felt scraps

When I finish my hoops, I trim off the back fabric down to the hoop and then trim about a 1/2 inch off the top fabric around the circle. Then using a glue gun, I tack that 1/2 inch all around the inside of the hoop.
Wreath ornament tutorial with felt scraps

Hang your little ornament on your tree or gift it to a friend! Happy Holidays!

throwback thursday {aurelia cardigan}

On Thursdays I “throwback” by pulling from my years of archives. Today I go back and look at the first thing I ever tackled with knits. Honestly It was probably the craziest thing to try and sew as a beginner project, but in the end I was super excited with it and it remains one of my favorite patterns ever. Here’s the final view of the project back from 2012.

I’m still stitching slowly on this cardigan by sew liberated.
Today I was able to sew on the sleeves and the skirt for the bottom.
This is the first time I’ve stitched sleeves onto a knit garment and whew…it was awesome! Love that you can just stretch to make it fit 🙂

aurelia cardigan WIP

I’ve still got to sew in some clear elastic onto the seam where the skirt joins the bodice and a few other finishing up issues. Not to mention all the basting threads I have to pull!

But over all, I’m pretty pleased with it!

And I tried it on and it fits!!

throwback thursday {custom embroidery lookback}

On Thursdays I pull from my store of archives and take a look back at past projects, words and other fun memories. This week I remember one of my first custom typography embroideries. Back in 2011 the idea of “family rules” was all over the web and I had a client come to me asking if I could design a fun embroidery of their family rules for a gift for her dad. It was probably the second custom I had designed at that point and I had a blast doing it. Here’s a look back from November 2011.

Do you have some family rules that your family always quotes? This family did and requested a custom family rules embroidery with a wrapped hoop.