tipsy-tuesday {floss and needle storage}

The more you start to love embroidery (or any craft for that matter) the more you start to pick up supplies and other tools and then are left with how to store and organize all the required tools. Embroidery floss is one of those things that is a bear to figure out how to store.

Needle and floss storage ideas

To start with you have this lovely skein of floss that looks so nice and neat. Then as you start to pull out strands to sew with you eventually end up with a mess.

There are a myriad of ways to organize and store your floss and I’ve gone through a couple of different types.

Needle and floss storage ideas

1. cardboard thingys: back in the day when I was a big cross-stitcher (and had no children running around) I would sit and wind all my floss on these little cards, write the corresponding number on them and then file them in a lovely little box. It’s a fairly cheap way to store your floss. As I started to grow my embroidery business and gather up more and more threads, I realized that I was never going to keep up with winding my floss on these cards and furthermore I didn’t like the plastic thread boxes. Now, there are many amazing embroiderers out there who have absolutely stunning thread boxes. So if this is the way your brain loves to organize…go for it.

2. clothespins: this has become my favorite way to store floss. I usually keep my floss as it comes as long as it stays intact and doesn’t knot up (see the yellow floss above). When it does start to get all knotty, I just wind it on a clothespin. This is what works for me.  Clothespins are also great because you can clip them on your embroidery piece if you need too.

3. dmc thread things: these are crazy. I bought a pack of these and the idea is that you just slide your skein of thread onto these and voila…no winding or anything. These never worked for me and honestly they are the most expensive of the three options.

Another little tip I’ve discovered is an easy and fun place to store your needles. There are lots of awesome vintage and handmade needle holders, but I opted to make a quick one out of an empty pencil lead holder.

Needle and floss storage ideas

All you need is an empty lead box, some fun washi tape and you are done.

Needle and floss storage ideas