what I’m into {june 2014}

This is going to be a lame what I’m into for June. June was a crazy busy and full month and July is looking to be no different. At some point in my life things are going to slow down right? Somehow I’m thinking not.

I didn’t do a whole lot of reading this month. I finally read The Book Thief and I’m a little undecided on how I feel about it. I had no clue it was narrated by “death” and it really took me almost a quarter of the book to get over that. Overall, I did enjoy the story and the characters were definitely well developed. I’m interested to see the movie now for sure. I also read The White Princess, which is a Phillippa Gregory novel about the Kings and Queens of England. This is the story of the line before Henry the VIII, so it was interesting to read of his parenting. I agree with the reviews on Goodreads that this really isn’t her best novel. It was a bit slow and repetitive, but an easy brainless read once you figure out who the characters are related too! I am currently reading Murder on the Orient Express. I’ve never read and Agatha Christie novel and figured it was high time and I’m loving it.
On a non-fiction front, I finished Mark Buchanan’s Spiritual Rhythm and I highly, highly recommend it. Super amazing book.

In the world of movies and tv, I’m not watching much tv or netflix lately since we are on summer break. I am still plugging along through House on Netflix and my husband and I were excited that Endeavor has returned to Masterpiece Mystery on PBS. We also have been re-watching A Chef’s Life on the PBS app. It’s the story of a couple who moved from New York to her hometown in Eastern North Carolina and opened up a fancy restaurant. We love it.

As a family we watched Bedtime Stories which was surprisingly good (and Adam Sandler is not on my list of people I enjoy watching) and we rewatched Frozen with the chick while the boy was away at at camp. We also introduced my husband to the Lego Movie, since he didn’t get to see it in the theater with us (spaceship!). It’s stinkin’ hilarious. Until that last real people part at the end. That’s just weird and kind of silly (and boring too). If you haven’t seen the series of bloopers yet, watch this because it is totally hilarious.

I took the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 and it was just as good as the first one. The writers of these series of movies is so thoughtful and good. I love them.

In other news, we visited the beach this month,

Ah…bliss! Time for a much needed vacation

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sent the boy away to camp for a week,

Showing off her artwork she made ate printmaking camp this week

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the chick enjoyed a week of day camp at a local art studio, I had a great day trip with my bestie to my favorite fabric shop and we have 3 weeks until school starts up again. It’s been a full month and I can’t help but feel blessed as I look back on it.

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  1. That’s a lot to be into in one month. I’m feeling like I must be pretty lazy, but I’m also thinking I need to start reading more.

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