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April was a birthday month for me and I started off the month with being surprised out of my mind by a birthday party masterminded by my sweet husband. He pretty much had it all under wraps until about the last 20 minutes. I was overwhelmed by all my amazingly sweet friends who came out on a Sunday night with all their family in tow. It was awesome. We celebrated on the actual day by having a quiet dinner at a local BBQ joint and my momma’s famous Johnny Appleseed Pie. Yum.


We closed the month of April by celebrating with a friend of ours and surprising him at his James Bond themed surprise party. My husband is always one to dress up and be a little foolish, but I’m just too straight laced for that. This time, I wanted to do it and while it wasn’t an over the top costume, it was a little out of character for me so I was happy to have stepped out a little and woo my inner Bond girl.



We finally watched Frozen this past weekend. I had heard so much about it and my kids quote and sing it all the time, so it was high time we finally watched it. I did really like it and loved what everyone else did…that it wasn’t the Prince’s kiss that saved the day but an act of selfless love.

We also watched American Hustle and while I did like it, I was almost too sleepy to watch it. By the time all the big reveal was happening at the end of the movie I was propping my eyelids with toothpicks so I really need to watch it again to give it a true review. The acting was pretty darn superb though I must say.

On T.V. I’m not really watching much of anything.  We love The Voice in our house up until about this point and then I get bored with it. Parenthood is over for the season and I think my two Chicago shows will finish up this week. I did watch PBS version of Great Expectations via netflix earlier this month and loved it more than I did the first go round. I read the book not long after this was on PBS and it was good to watch the film version again too. Such a great story of redemption. I’m completely sucked into binge watching House on netflix. I’ve waiting forever for netflix to pick it up and I’ve been watching it like crazy while I sew during the day. Love, love that show.



I sort of dropped the ball on the Habit book and L’Engle’s Circle of Quiet book. I decided these are books that I honestly just need to buy so I can read them slowly and savor them without the stress of a library due date. I’m hoping I’ll luck out and find at least one of them the next time I hit up our local used bookstore.

After dropping the non-fiction books, I was desperate for a good fiction read. I picked up Anna Quindlen’s Still Life with Breadcrumbs and it was absolutely what I was needing. It is just a simple and sweet story about Rebecca Winter and honestly just about the kind of self-discovery everyone tends to go through as they age and change.


I had grabbed a stack of books from my mom’s house one day and the first one on the stack was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and it was so good. I had heard that Angelina Jolie was in the process of making a movie based on this book and that is really the reason why I picked it up. Hillenbrand is an excellent biographer in that you really don’t feel like you are reading just a biography. Granted, Louis’ life is pretty much beyond amazing.  I’m offering this up to my husband next and we are pondering having this be our  nearly 11 year old son’s big summer read. I did hear that they were releasing a juvenile level version of this book on Veteran’s day, but I’m not sure what that means. If it just the story condensed a little or if it’s more like a picture book. My son is at that age where war is just fascinating and honestly this is a great story, not too graphic, about the non-fairy-tale picture that war seems to create in the minds of boys.

I have just started the book Spiritual Rhythm by Mark Buchanan and even one chapter in, I am loving it.


in other news…

I do a fair amount of sewing during my workday that can be pretty mindless. I end up binge watching too much netflix and other shows and by the end of the day my mind just feels numb. Because of that I decided to start trying to find some podcasts to listen to throughout my day.

The first one I listened to was an interview with Susan Wise Bauer. If there is anyone who has influenced my opinion on schooling, it is her. She is someone that speaks of schooling options in such a way that it’s not a hill she is going to die on. She really seeks to do what is best for her children and their family and not choosing because it’s what everyone else says she should or else…

I also tried to listen to the relevant podcast which eventually led to an interview with Bob Goff. His book, Love Does, is on my to read list and I’ve heard so much about him lately I was curious to listen to him speak. It was a hard podcast to listen to just because it’s very radio personality goofiness going on that I just didn’t expect. I love relevant though and so I’m sure I’ll give it another try.


That was about it for April. May tends to be one of those months it’s head down and get through it with the end of school and gearing up for summer break. So here’s to a month where I actually stop and smell the roses.


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4 thoughts on “what i’m into {april 2014}

  1. Unbroken really is an amazing book. I listened to the audiobook during a cross country road trip a couple years ago and loved it. Bob Goff has a huge, goofy personality. I haven’t gotten to hear him speak (yet) but I’ve heard the stories. Love Does is a great book, too, one of my top twenty.

  2. Happy birthday! 🙂 I loved Unbroken. Such a powerful story. And, while I knew a bit about the Japanese POW camps, this was eye-opening. I’ll be interested in hearing what you decide with your son…. It’s such an intense story.

  3. I too knew little about the Pacific side of WWII and it was so crazy eye opening. What was happening with Hitler was so horrific it almost seemed to overshadow what horrors were happening elsewhere too. Such a terrible time in our world’s history, but also so many amazing stories of redemption and hope in the midst of such horror. Thanks for visiting!!!

  4. It was such an amazing book! I am nervous about the movie…not sure if I could watch the things that I read!
    I seriously need to get Bob Goff’s book! SO many people keep recommending it. Thanks for visiting!

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