the wonders of vinegar

I have quickly jumped the gun on our list of projects and moved into the spring list (don’t tell my husband).

laundry room before

My laundry room has long been one of those rooms I’ve wanted to redo for a long, long time. It’s the last of the yellow rooms in this house and needed a huge makeover. Last weekend I started by cleaning off all the shelves and then tearing out said shelves. It had these wire shelves above the washer/dryer and on the other wall it had these horrible plywood shelves. With all those gone it was time to tackle the wallpaper border.


I started out with this diff spray that we had in our stash. Honestly, to be fair, it’s old. I scored the border and then sprayed this yucky gel stuff. I was able to get off the top printed layer, but it left the paper underneath and at this point I gave up.

After doing a little research online, I read that a 50/50 vinegar/water recipe had worked for some. I thought, I have vinegar and water and an empty spray bottle. I’ll give it a try. Hands down this was amazing.

The trick is the get it super wet with the spray, let it sit until it starts to dry then spray it again and start scraping.
When I got to the last wall, I really just sprayed and it just peeled off. Amazing.

I did have one section that still had the printed paper on top and honestly I had to spray-scrape-spray-wait and then scrape some more. But eventually I did get it all off. I’m hooked. (Although there is thankfully not another drop of wallpaper in our house to rip off).

The only caveat is that if you have any open cuts on your hands beware. Vinegar stings like nothing else.


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