what i’m into {january 2014}

January was one of those months I totally could not and stubbornly would not enjoy. It was miserably cold for most of the month. We never could get into a school-home rhythm because of said weather and money was ridiculously tight and almost non-existent. Yes, I’m complaining. The month even ended with a fiasco at my bank with the ATM not giving me cash. Enough said. I’m thankful to be writing this on February 4th.

But, although it was a looooooooooong month, there were some good things that happened.
Here’s a little re-cap.

in the world of books:
I started reading Amy Tan’s book The Valley of Amazement and got about 4 chapters into it and abandoned it. After reading lots of other reviews, I agree that this is not at all her best work. I knew what the book was about when I started reading it, but page after laborious page about geisha girls was just too much for me.
I finished reading Glimpses of Grace by Gloria Furman this morning. It was a good book. There were a few chapters in there that were really super good and convicting, yet encouraging. I also finished Wiersbe’s Be Committed book. I am leading a study on Esther and Ruth this spring and this was an easy read and good read to prepare for that.
I finished another Kate Morton book, The Distant Hours. I don’t know about this one. I had such high hopes after gobbling up The Forgotten Garden that I was kind of let down with this one.
I tore through Divergent and this one is worthy of a blog review coming soon. It’s another dystopian (aka Hunger Games) sort of book, but the more I reflect on what I read, I really think I like this story. It’s much more human (as one of my super eloquent friends said).
I have a stack of books from the library and I’m not sure where to start. I finally got my hands on Kate Morton’s House of Riverton, but I’m kind of nervous about reading it.

in the world of movies:
My husband and I had a little 2 day get-away early in January and we spent way too much time enjoying cable tv while we were there. We watched We Bought a Zoo, which is such a lovely movie. I love stories about stepping out and moving in the midst of the unknown and impossible while everyone else thinks you are nuts! 🙂
We missed the beginning, but easily got sucked into The Place Beyond the Pines. I’m a sucker for Bradley Cooper and really this was a horribly depressing movie that I do not recommend.

We watched Finding Nemo for a family movie night. I swear this is one of those movies that I’ve seen like a bajillion times and it’s still super cute.
And my husband and I started watching Jack Reacher. I lasted about 45 minutes and then went to bed. Enough said about that one.

in the world of t.v.
SHERLOCK! I’m sad it’s come and gone and we were honestly a little bummed about this last one. Although it seems they kind of left it open-ended a little…does this mean more to come??
I’m still into Chicago Fire and have started watching it’s cousin Chicago PD. Both are pretty good and clean. Parenthood is making me upset and depressed and I’m not sad they are on hiatus until the end of the month.

Oh Joel…you loser.
I started to watch Endeavor on Netflix and honestly this is the first British show that I’m having such a hard time understanding! I’m not sure if it’s the lingo or if I’m just not smart enough for this show!

in the world of music:
Kacey Musgraves, Ellie Holcomb, Christa Wells, Coldplay, The Avett Brothers and The Civil Wars are playing on my spotify list.
Yes a random assortment I know.

things I’m loving:
* I have a sewing buddy that lives in England. I’m super excited to have “met” her and excited too for the accountability and challenges this year in the world of sewing

Coldplay: stars shine

* Every now and then I will stitch up something in a day that I absolutely love. It’s that joy of picturing something in your mind and then just making it.

* I’m working through my one little word for January. I really procrastinated and I’m glad that I invested money into this little task otherwise I never would follow through with it. Here’s to finishing up last night and moving forward into February

* I’ve read lots of great posts lately on the web. Here’s a couple of my favorites
How I learned God cares about my fear on Storyline
I love this article about the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He really was a brilliant actor and it’s horribly sad how he died.
This is a fun little video based on an article about Bob Goff and his 10 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life. His book Love Does is now added to my to read list.

That’s about all I’ve got in me to recap for January. I’m just glad to see the behind of it!

What were you into in January?


4 thoughts on “what i’m into {january 2014}

  1. Enjoyed your post – found you through Leigh’s linkup! 🙂 LOVE the Coldplay lyric picture above – do you sell that?? And wondering, do you make it and sell it, or do you sell the pattern to make it?

  2. Thanks for the visit and for the kind words! I love the coldplay embroidery too! Kind of hoping it doesn’t sell…although I have an idea for the thread I want to use on the next one I do. Glad you found my little shop!

  3. The Distant Hours is my favorite novel by Kate Morton, followed closely by The Secret Keeper. House at Riverton is good but not as good as the others; par for the course with a first novel. I can’t wait for the next season of Sherlock!

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