master bathroom before & after

We’ve been slowly (like painfully slow) working on our master bathroom. The cabinets were this boring natural wood color, but the cabinets and counter top were really too nice to even think about replacing (not to mention we couldn’t afford it).

Here are some before shots:

masterbath sink before



I finally got the cabinets painted last Fall and we hung up the doors. Leaving the floor…

Master bath WIP

Ripping up that first square of sticky tile junk was invigorating and then just plain disgusting. When it came time to start stripping the glue up I had to leave the room. Enter the manly man. He ended up taking over the project and did he ever do an amazing job! We found one snafu when we started ripping up the last corner of tiles and had to feather in some new hardwood (no challenge for that handyman of mine) and after priming and painting the floors we installed a brand new lovely toilet (which was our one splurge on this project). I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

And here are the after shots

Master bath remodel

Master bath remodel

Master bath remodel

Over the last few days I gathered up the finishing touches and was thrilled to find a two tiered rack at Hobby Lobby today for a quarter of the price of others I’ve been eying. Truly the cherry on top.


Here’s a breakdown of what we did and spent:

Painted the cabinets (1 quart of paint and primer – $15)
Painted the walls (1 gallon paint – $30
Finished the shower curtain aka quilt top (free by using an gifted quilt top and an old sheet)
Hung the shower curtain with drapery clips from Target (roughly $6 for 2 packs)
Removed the sticky tiles and glue from the floor (roughly $50 for paint stripper and supplies and paint for the floor)
Replaced the baseboard trim (free – reused it from the basement)
Curtain valance ($10 from flea market – clip rod and rings $10 from Ikea)
Cabinet Hardware ($15 at Lowes)
Toilet ($149 – we did splurge on a Kohler)
two tier rack for toiletries ($20 on sale at Hobby Lobby),
towel hooks ($15 on sale at Hobby Lobby),
mirror was exchanged from downstairs bathroom (free)
floor rug ($8 on clearance at World Market)

I’m sure there are some other hidden costs in there, but roughly the grand total of around $320. Not bad at all!