2013 in review

January 2013

Overall the one thing I will remember about January was the massive flood in our basement that pushed me out of my old studio space. After nearly 8 inches of rain in just 2-3 days, we ended up with close to half a foot to a foot of water in our basement. Thankfully I didn’t lose any stock and we didn’t lose any furniture down there…just nearly $1k worth of flooring. boo. One year later and I am settled upstairs in the dining room indefinitely.

Where I sew 2013 catastrophe




February 2013

The highlight of this month was the Vintage stitch along contest. Using an old pattern entries were required to have 3 dimensional components among other things. I didn’t win, but loved how it stretched me as a stitcher and designer.

Vintage embroidery contest 2013

Superhero background

Subway style birth announcement


March 2013

Honestly, I don’t remember too much about March. Just stitching along and creating new items. I did finally stitch up my first garment for the year for my chick’s Easter dress and added a little embroidery to it.

WIP: numbers for rainbow birthday banners

Sneak peek

family plaque close up


April 2013

Sublime wedding wishesCake topper WIP

Think first embroidery mounted

french banner b&w


May 2013

The highlight of May was my introduction in the craft market world. It wasn’t a great introduction, but I did learn a lot.

clifford banner

ballerinas WIP

Embroidered pendants

July 4th banners



June 2013

June saw a spike in my little family embroideries. If there is any item I hope grows and continues in 2014 it is these little embroideries. They are probably the most enjoyable thing I can sew over and over again!


One Yard Wonders: Folklore bag




July 2013

July I introduced my holiday stockings for the first time. Not sure this will be an item that I will continue this year.

Love birds on a fence


Flower vines birth announcement

WIP: butterfly stitch


August 2013

I finished up probably my favorite item of the year in this butterfly. There are 2 others in this series and I can’t wait to get started on them this year! I also introduced these buckle toys which ended up being one of my top sellers this year.


Mo willems pigeon embroidery hoops

buckle toy version 2: front


Family hoop (2) sisters


September 2013

Realizing that the basement wasn’t going to be finished any time soon, the hubs and I ventured to Ikea world to buy some new shelving to help create a more workable area for my dining room/studio. I also entered another stitching contest and got 3rd place! After the butterfly, this fox was probably the best thing I stitched all year.

new studio space 2013

photo stitching: flower

Sew a flashcard &stitches back to school contest entry 2013

Sublime stitching-Jessica Jones ribbon embroideries Camper and dachshunds


October 2013

Ruby slippers  Wool felt hand appliqué on a tee

Holiday circle banners


Family embroidery: triplets

Chanel embroidery


November 2013

November was big with my first big step into my new venture called The Crooked Stitch. I invited a whole host of girls throughout the day for some guinea pig little people sewing classes. We had a blast!

Felt Christmas hoop ornament set

New Irish blessing custom order

China embroidery

Sewing day 2013


December 2013

December saw my last craft market of the year (and my first indoor one) and it definitely made up for the lackluster ones from the rest of the year! I stitched my last little people embroidery of the year and started my biggest embroidery of 2014…custom wedding vows.

Sibling group

Craft market dec 2013

Oliver + S sleepover pjs

WIP custom wedding vows

Subway style wedding announcement


Overall I have to say that 2013 was a huge year for me. I grew in so many different ways, was pushed so far out of my comfort zone in so many ways and honestly this year gave me such hope and encouragement to keep on doing what I’m doing. I am at a place where I love what I am doing so much…even on the hard days and feel more blessed than I ever have. The Lord introduced so many amazing people into my life and have helped me grow my etsy shop and local connections and I’m beyond grateful.

I am so crazy excited for what 2014 holds in store.