one little word {the word}


I mentioned the other day how I was joining thousands of others who have chosen One Little Word to focus on for 2014. We are all part of a year long workshop series put on by Ali Edwards. The facebook group alone is creeping towards 2,000 people from all over the world and it’s been so interesting to see the different words people are focusing on and why.

My journey this past week as I searched and prayed over a word to focus on was an interesting one. When I first decided to do this series, I really thought my word was going to be “brave“. There are so many things that I need to act on this year and all of them involve such a step out of my comfort zone…brave just seemed to be it.

But yet it wasn’t. I have been sitting in the books of Esther and Ruth since last Fall and have recently started reading the commentary Be Committed by Wiersbe. Moving from the word brave, I thought maybe my word was committed. But to be honest, I’m a pretty committed person. I don’t give up easily and once I finally decide on a course of action or whatever, I don’t really waver much. Commit wasn’t it.

After commit, the words embrace, forward and move came to mind. I sat with these words for a few days and still didn’t seem to be right. Then I started to think about what keeps me from embracing, going forward and moving and the idea of release came to mind. While I might commit to something and embrace an idea well, I don’t release well. I don’t let go…of anything well.

So my word for 2014 is release. This word encompasses so many different things. Releasing expectations, releasing my schedules and wants, releasing struggles, releasing the past and so much more.
Crazy enough, one of my prayer cards that I started last Fall deals with this exactly and it will be the beginning of my card as I work through what it means to release this year.

To begin I leave with the prayer I’ve been praying for the past few months…

I let go of the past and the grip it can have on me. That the past would merely be a rememberance of deliverance leading me to compassion. I pray that my eyes would be forward on my life, my family and that I would not try to mold our family into something/someone else – that I would allow God to be creative with me and my family.”