where I sew…now

Back a few years ago I linked up with a bunch of others who were sharing their sewing spaces. At that time, I was sewing in our newly refinished basement.

Where I sew 2012

Fast forward to January of this year. After nearly 8 inches of rain in less than three days our basement flooded and this was the result.

Where I sew 2013 catastrophe

We moved all my sewing supplies to virtually every spare space in the house and I set up shop in the kitchen/dining room. After much moving around, this was where I have been sewing for the last 7+ months.

Studio space before

When we realized that the basement wasn’t going to be refinished (again!) any time soon, I declared a trip to Ikea was in order. I had to get a better handle on all the supplies scattered all over the house and figure out how to make a space work for me to sew in and us to also live in (think dinner and homework!).

And here is the result:

new studio space 2013

new studio space 2013

I still have a few kinks to work out and need to hang up my white board, but I can already breathe easier! Funny how organization can wear you out but also make you so excited!

new studio space 2013