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Years ago I was a pretty major scrapbooker. Mind you this was before marriage, into early marriage, no real job at this point and expendable income for such things. I was doing Creative Memories when it started (yes, I know touch me) and I loved it. Cropping photos, making them all fit just so, adding stickers and all sorts of other things.

Then we moved, I got a real job and I pretty much gave up. I tried to get back into it and I did finish a few albums that had been unfinished and then I really stopped. It was too complicated to find albums and the array of stuff was overwhelming and honestly it was just easier to sit at the computer and make a digital book.

But now that I spend so much time on the computer for daisyeyes I just cannot stand to sit and work on a digital book anymore. Enter Project Life.

Thanks to Pinterest, I was seeing scrapbook pages on there that were just plastic page protectors where you just slid the photos in there. You had kits with these little cards you wrote on that fit just so and voila an album with little cutting, if any and no more dealing with how to stick down a photo either. I’ve been pursuing it all for a while trying to figure out the cheapest way to get started and finally I spent some birthday money to get going.

Project life begins

I spent about $70 to get started. I bought, via Amazon, the master pack of page protectors, some 5×7 and 8×10 photo sleeves, some dividers and then these other things that a blog I read recommended.

Project life begins

The album I bought at Hobby Lobby along with some other little things. There wasn’t an album on Project Life I was smitten with and honesty this album came with a 40% off coupon so that made me happier anyhow.

I ordered a bunch of photos via Shutterfly and now it’s go time. Like anything, you can make of this what you want. There are people out there doing PL that go all out and then some. I am not. I will not. I have sewing stuff all over this house right now and I can’t handle having another craft project strewn about. My hope is to have no more accoutrements than will fit in one of those 12×12 storage boxes from the craft stores, you know the ones to store paper in? Small and minimal.

And what I like about this is that the albums are big. I bought some dividers so that I can have more than one or two or three years in one book and just keep adding to it. Instead of sitting down for a month and going through a year’s worth of photos, I can print them every quarter or whatever and put them in the slots and be done.

First up…I finally scrapbook all the photos from 2006 when my daughter was born so she stops feeling left out (“where’s the pictures of me when I was born momma?”)


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  1. I would love to do this! But, alas. No time. I try to maximize the blog world for the boys’ memory keeping. BUT, this project life looks awesomely tempting. Perhaps when I have a bit more time to manage it. I can’t wait to see yours should you share your pages from time to time. Enjoy!

    .mac 🙂

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