14 days of love {last minute gift ideas}


It’s the 13th of February which means if you are going to do a craft, make a valentine or offer up a gift it’s the ninth hour!

I thought I would round up a couple of ideas I had rummaging around my head given more time and money.

One thing I really almost bought this year was this Mr/Mrs Journal by dayspring. I actually found it at Hobby Lobby yesterday and had a 40% off coupon burning in my pocket. Alas I decided against it right now, but it’s still a great little gift I have in mind for our anniversary coming up this spring. They have a full line of Mr/Mrs items from post it notes to mugs to all sorts of other random things.

One project I’ve almost started a couple of times is this idea of making a book of 52 reasons I love you using a deck of cards. The chick who came up with the idea even has a website dedicated to just this idea now.

It’s too late for this now, but it would be fun to do this 7 days of love leading up to valentine’s day (or an anniversary).

Our plan for tomorrow is to have a special breakfast (probably some donuts from this amazing local donut shop in town and we are celebrating with our community group by having chocolate fondue!

What do you all have up your sleeves?