where i sew… a lesson in flexibility

Where I sew 2012
This is where I used to sew.

where i sew
This was my special little creating space. Albeit a little bit cold and sometimes dark at times. But it was a great little spot.

Where I sew 2013 catastrophe

And this is it now. 😦

Seven plus inches of rain in a few days can do havoc to a basement and ours turned into a pool by yesterday morning. I’ve never seen so much water and honestly we kind of felt like we were on the Titanic. We kept moving the water out and the water just kept on coming.

That said. I am beyond grateful that it wasn’t so much worse than it was. Sure I lost my space and we lost the use of our basement and storage space for a while, but that’s it. I still have heat. I still have a roof on my head and a house upstairs that is ample for our little family. There are people around us who lost their homes because of this rain. So I may be displaced for a while and the Lord is surely stretching is in ways I would greatly prefer not, but I will soldier on; filled with thankfulness for what He has given.

That said, the shop is still up and running….just at a much slower pace. Kind of like the pace I run at. Walking 🙂


5 thoughts on “where i sew… a lesson in flexibility

  1. it’s been raining crazy here in knoxville also! so sorry about your basement….it’s a royal pain when that happens. we have a finished basement and we have flooded a few times….not fun! hope all goes well….soon your space will be up and running again. i enjoy your creativeness!

  2. I am soooo sorry to hear about this. I mean wow. I know how special a space to create is and what it means to have a space of your own for just you. I am hoping for a speedy dry out and re-vamp for you. Hang in there, Daisy. Some of my best creations have been with a sewing machine atop the kitchen table late at night. Love to you!

    .mac 🙂

  3. We are on the outskirts of Knoxville 🙂
    And yes, it’s rained like crazy.
    And yes, the flooded basement stinks
    Thanks for the sweet words!

  4. Girl, thanks for you sweet words!
    I’m afraid my machine is going to have a long term spot on the kitchen table. It’s going to be months and months before we can clean up this mess.
    But I continue to look for all the blessings in the midst of all the grief.
    Love to you too!

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