31 days of embroidery {blanket stitch} {2 color chain}

Every now and then you learn an embroidery stitch that honestly isn’t really worth it. I kind of feel that way about the 2 color chain stitch. I understand the concept and maybe if I did it more often it might be worth the effort, but I kinda don’t think so.

But that said, I love the effect of using 2 different colors of thread when stitching.

Covered in Stitches Entry: SNEAK PEEK

I used this stitch to make the waves and love how it turned out.

So want to learn? Here goes. Load your needle up with 2 strands each of 2 different colors. The greater the contrast between these two the greater the effect.

2 color chain 1
Essentially this is just a chain stitch, the difference is where you put your threads. So go ahead and make your first stitch like you are starting a chain.

2 color chain 2
Then, the thing to remember is that the color you want to see when you finish the stitch is the color that is on the bottom (underside) of your loop. So put that color under and pull your loop through.

2 color chain 3
Pull your needle up through the loop in the last chain and get ready for the second chain.

2 color chain 4
This time make sure the opposite thread color is underneath. Make your loop and pull through.

2 color chain complete
And there is your completed 2 color chain stitch.


So I’m a day behind, so you get a double header today with stitches. Now onto one of my favorites. The blanket stitch. This is a super easy stitch to learn that adds a great effect to so many different things. You can use it to finish off the ends of things, as a border on necklines (add a fun touch to a tee shirt!) and so many other things.

max in boat close up

I used it here to stitch down the sail of the boat.

So here goes…

blanket stitch 1
Bring your needle up and then going up and to the right, bring your needle back down and then through again. Make sure to loop the thread under your needle.

blanket stitch2
Repeat, bring your needle up (trying to stay on an imaginary horizontal line…think notebook paper) and then through, looping your thread under.

blanket stitch 3
Repeat again!

blanket stitch complete
And that’s it…the blanket stitch.

For a little extra fun you can take a corresponding thread and whip it through to make a whipped blanket stitch.

whipped blanket stitch 2
Just make sure you are always going from the top down.