custom cape order

daisyeyes handmade DIY felt cape sets have blown me off my feet this past year. While I’ve found a place where I can say I enjoy putting these capes together, it is fun to have a project that stretches you every once and a while.

I was approached via etsy about making a set of adult size, custom color, custom logo capes. Never the one to back down from a challenge…I accepted.

custom cape

The capes ended up being 35 inches long and we ended up settling on a charcoal grey color.


8custom cape logo

The logo measured 10 inches from the outside circle in and the middle blue part is from a file the client emailed me.

These looked pretty darn cool when they were all “put together” (sadly that top picture, the logo got all washed out and I didn’t have a chance to grab another photo).

These custom capes are headed to San Fransisco!

I love doing special orders, so if you have an idea for something…just ask! My greatest ideas have come for clients!