31 days of embroidery {chevron stitch}

So sorry for the delay in today’s post. Just one of those days that ran away and before I knew it we were putting the kiddos to bed! Whew.

Today I learned how to do a chevron stitch. I must say it was a bit intimidating upon first starting. But once I got the hang of it, it was pretty awesome!
Here is an example of a sampler done by Mary Corbet from needle n’thread. It just goes to show you how doing on simple stitch over and again can make the coolest wall art!



My videographer has gone to bed, so tonight I am going to try my hand on offering a photo gallery of how to do the chevron stitch.

Step 1
chevron 1
Make a back stitch and then bring your needle up, just above that stitch in the middle of the line.


Step 2
chevron 2
Bring your needle up a little to the right; making a diagonal stitch.


Step 3
chevron 3
Make a stitch going towards the left, keeping that diagonal stitch in the middle of your line.


Step 4
chevron 4
Come just underneath and to the right of your diagonal stitch and bring your needle up and then make a diagonal stitch to the right.


Step 5
chevron 5
Make a stitch on the bottom line; keeping your diagonal stitch in the middle.


Step 6
chevron 6
Now you are back to the beginning again.


Here is the completed line. I did take a pencil before I started and drew two parallel lines for me to follow. The only other thing is working on the spacing in between too!
chevron complete line

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