31 days of embroidery {split stitch}

The split stitch is one of the first alternative stitches that I learned last year. I’ve tried hard to take part in many of the stitch alongs with feeling stitchy and that is the one place where I’ve pushed myself to learn different stitches.

What I love about the split stitch is that it is simple, yet gives the result of a difficult stitch. On this whale embroidery, I used the split stitch for the gold banner and I love the thicker line that it gives. It’s a great stitch for curves and much like the stem stitch is very forgiving.

June SAL: wip



Here is a great diagram via sublime stitching for how to do the split stitch.

And here is my oh so entertaining video 🙂
(sorry for the sniffles, one should never make a video early in the morning!)