a book review {the flight of gemma hardy}




At long last, a book review! I’m a pretty voracious reader most of the time and when I get a stack of books, I go through them pretty quickly and don’t even stop to ponder the one I just finished.

That said, I loved this book. It’s the first book I’ve read in a while that 1. I couldn’t put down, 2. I was so depressed when it was over, not because it was depressing, but because I was sad to say goodbye to the characters and 3. I just had to share it!

I had no idea until I read the reviews on goodreads that this was supposed to be a modern day version of Jane Eyre. Having never read Jane Eyre (I know, gasp) I never caught any sort of similarities. I just loved the story.


The premise is that Gemma is orphaned as a young child on the island of Iceland. Her Scottish uncle comes and brings her to his home which ends up being sort of a Cinderella story. Her cousins are horrible, her aunt is worse and then her beloved uncle dies. After that, she is pretty much another house worker and not a part of the family. She receives a scholarship to a boarding school as a working girl and her story goes on from there. Ultimately the story is about a young girl finding her way, persevering through life throughout goodness and hardness and about pursuit.

Most of the other reviewers who didn’t care for this book are ones that loved Jane Eyre and thought no one could replace the original. I loved the writing style of Margot Livesey and just her storytelling. She has some other novels too that I can’t wait to get my hands on.