martha of the month {may}


Don’t faint, but I actually got this month’s Martha up way before the end of the month. It’s some sort of wild miracle! Actually it’s because these were a gift for my most sweetest friend and I had a deadline to meet!

martha of the month: May

This month’s project comes from Martha’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric.

Here’s what you need to make your own:
~ fabric scraps (I cut mine 15×18)
~ some buttons (mine are from a giant jar of vintage buttons gifted to me by my brother and sister in law…a super gift!)
~ some embroidery floss

martha of the month: may

Sew your buttons on first (hint: use the same colored thread as your fabric. This makes the back of your napkins look a little bit nicer) and then draw your stems, leaves and even a bowl!

martha of the month: may

A little bit of backstitching and satin stitching and there you have it! A super cute and simple gift for a special friend! Go make some yourself!

martha of the month: may