martha of the month {march 2012}

Yes I know it’s April, but let’s just pretend I posted this yesterday!

This month’s Martha of the Month was a pretty simple project. I’ve wanted to make one of these ribbon bulletin boards for a while. I was looking through the Encyclopedias to find a project for March and thought this would be the time to try it.


I will be honest, I didn’t follow her instructions really much at all. She recommends you get this fiber board stuff and I knew it would need to be cut and it just wouldn’t happen. I had tossed around using a piece of foamcore, but found this little square bulletin board at Walmart and decided to use it.

I bought some osnaburg fabric (basically a thicker muslin) on one of my trips to JoAnns and ordered this awesome chevron trim tape from pinked fabric on etsy.


I bought some thumbtacks and used some buttons to cover them for the thumbtacks. This wasn’t really a “cheap” project as I really didn’t have many of the supplies around the house that I wanted to use. All together it cost me around $15 probably.
This is a great project that you can make a million different ways, just depending upon the trims that you use. I’ve got enough trim leftover that I might buy another square to make a second one.


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  1. I am really enjoying your Martha of the Month series. This is such a cute project – I love the chevron tape (need to get some of that!) and the idea of button covers on the thumbtacks. Thanks for linking up!

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