fantastic fridays {03.30.2012}

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Welcome to another edition of fantastic fridays. On Fridays I recap some fantastic finds from around the world wide web.

Happy Weekend!

great FABRIC: If there is one line of fabric I wish I had the money to splurge on it would be Liberty of London. If you’ve never felt this line of fabric, you need to get your hands on a piece of it asap. It is! What I love most about it is it’s versatility. You can make a dress for your little girl, a super sweet top for yourself and even do some throw pillows for your living room. It doesn’t matter. It’s just perfect…except for the price.

to whet your APPETITE: If you missed the post on my try at granola this week and you like molasses…give this molasses walnut granola a try. Super quick and easy.

be NATURAL and NEAT (as in organized): I wish I was one of those people who could look at something designed for a particular thing, but envision it’s use for something else. Hence, this amazing idea (and quite simple) of using a paper towel holder as a ribbon, string, twine holder. Genius.

a TUTORIAL to do: This is a pseudo-tutorial, but an awesome idea for birthday gifts for boys. A traveling LEGO box. It’s awesome.

on AIMEE’s to do list (that’s me by the way): Seriously. I have to sew the Easter dress. Enough said.

something to SEW: I love, love these new embroidery patterns by September House. They would be perfect for embellishing some tees and skirts!

to TRIM my house with: Once the Easter decorations come down, I would love to make something like this as a centerpiece on our table. 

INSPIRATIONAL: The weather this spring has been pretty amazing. We’ve found ourselves outside pretty much every night. This is an awesome blog that has put out some amazing outside activities. We are hoping to do the summer challenge this summer.

CUTE: I’m a sucker for things created with altoids tins (even though I can’t stand altoids!) and these wee mouse tin houses would make my daughter go nuts! Super cute (and another great idea for birthday gifts or a stocking stuffer this Christmas!)