my monday basket


I feel I’ve been a bit ambitious lately.

I’ve been putting all these things in my weekly basket, only to have them sit there longingly hoping to be fulfilled.

Not so.

This week I’m aiming to be a bit realistic:

1. some cape orders to get out the door this week
2. a blessing embroidery to finish (a pillow version)
3. I’m trying my hand today at making some of diy hand soap that’s been all over Pinterest. I’m going off of two of pretty much the same recipes, here and here.
4. Hopefully I’ll finish the flower fairy wands and maybe start on the boy’s crown
5. The chick’s Easter dress is cut out and I’m hoping to get the first part of it sewn up later on this week. This is one pattern review I’m eager to share (and honestly not all in a positive light)


Who knows what else I might try to throw in there, but these are my goals this week.

Stick around and hopefully you’ll see some of the results.

What’s in your basket this week?


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