living room picture wall

Finally, oh finally I prompted myself to dig all those pictures I had taken down before I painted and redo my family picture wall. If you forgot what this room looked like before, here is a little peek:

family room before

This is actually a picture of the corner where the couch is now. We flipped the couch with the TV/bookshelf and LOVE IT! It was one of those things that made us just ask, “why did we wait so long to do this?” This is a hard room. It is long and fairly narrow, so there are only so many ways to arrange it. We also have a piano to consider and our office area.

So here is the picture wall after painting:

photo wall before

The walls are now a very happy shade of turquoisy-blue and I love this room even more than before. Maybe someday soon I’ll have it all done and I’ll do a complete room reveal. Until then, little snippets will have to suffice.

I started out by pulling all the pictures out and laying them on the floor in front of the couch.

photo wall planning photo wall planning2

Then I got busy and hung them all up. Here is the almost finished wall. The plan is to take this plank (thank you Vanna-Rooster) and do some sort of subway style art on it.

photo wall plan


One thing I’m super excited about is my yarn wrapped letter “D” for our family name. I bought the letter at JoAnns for a few dollars and used two different yarns I had leftover from the yarn wreath I made last fall. After trying a couple of times, reading some more tutorials, burning the heck out of my arm (yee-ow!) I finally finished it and I love it.

yarn wrapped "D"

In case you are wondering, the white frames are all from Ikea. After I get the subway art done, I’m hoping to finish up our office area. Hopefully that will be the next reveal, I know it’s not going to be recovered ottomans!

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  1. Oh it looks so nice 🙂 When you first share your plans, I thought you might not be able to accomplish it, but you persevered and now it looks wonderful 🙂

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