a family tree

After seeing these couple of tree embroideries on Pinterest:


and then this print:

Source: etsy.com via aimee on Pinterest


I had it in my idea to make this as an anniversary gift for my parents. This is the first pattern I have just drafted by hand off of a couple of ideas and I was beyond pleased with how the tree turned out.

family tree b/v

I filled in the outer edge of the stump with a brick stitch (the same one I used on my gnome’s shirt) and for the inside lines of the stump I used a stem stitch.

family tree b/v close up2

I used 100% wool felt for the leaves and opted just to put all of our first initials on the leaves to leave it as simple as possible. I’m not totally satisfied with the leaves, but that is something I’m going to have to ponder and fiddle with.

family tree b/v close up

The hoop is wrapped in fabric and hung with a picture hanger attached to the back.
family tree b/v

I hope to have this offered in the shop when I reopen in the coming weeks.

Until then, it’s time for a rest for the weary wrists. 🙂


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