a fabric barn

I knew I wanted to get the chick a barn of some sort for Christmas. She has been all about horses and we’ve been building barns out of duplo blocks, pegs, wooden blocks etc. You get the idea. I didn’t want some plastic junk and honestly wooden ones were just way out of our budget (the chick has a December birthday too!) so I started looking for tutorials. I had pinned this fabric dollhouse a while back and the creative juices started running.


There is a flickr group for all those that have made something following this tutorial and after seeing a few barn options in the group I knew this was what I needed to do. I decided to double the dimensions so that she could fit bigger horses into it and I can honestly tell you I have no idea how it all came together. It was one of those sewing days where I think I just entered this void of peace and when I came out there was this amazing barn I had made. It was that surreal.

Here is the first picture, post production:
fabric barn/house (WIP)

The issue became that it was a bit too flimsy. Because I had upped the dimensions so much, the plastic canvas I had used for support just wasn’t enough. My amazing husband came to the rescue! He decided to make it look more like a pole barn and made this amazing structure for the inside.

Here it is with the pole barn support:
fabric barn w/timberframe

The outside fabric is some Riley Blake laminated cotton and the inside is also Riley Blake, just regular cotton. I was going to decorate the outside and make it look like there were doors etc, but when I started to put the doors on it I didn’t like how it looked so I just left it plain. I’m so glad I did. Sometimes less is so much better!

fabric barn w/timberframe

We are in the process of trying to figure out how to attach the inside structure to the sides a little so they don’t bow out like that.

Here is a picture of it all closed up and ready to go:
fabric barn closed

And in case you are wondering, no he didn’t make the fence. That is actually a Breyer wooden corral that I happened to snatch one of the last of at our local toy store the week before Christmas. We were shocked when we pulled it out and realized it was exactly the same wood! Lucky us!

She is thrilled with the barn and so are we. Something we can both look at and say “we made that!”


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