From Curtain to Dress

Eat your heart out Maria Von Trapp.

OYW: Ballet Neck Dress

Actually, this dress was a pain in the ass.  I hate to say it, but as simple as it was the directions were lousy and the design for the sleeves was horrible! I have to attribute part of the issue to the use of corduroy for such a dress as not a good choice. I wanted to use this little embroidery for a little “apron” and when I saw the picture for this pattern I thought this would be the perfect fit. I like how it looks, until I look at the sleeves. They are just awful.

OYW: Ballet Neck Dress

Anyhow. The chick loves is and it will make a fine playdress, but you just won’t find her wearing it in public anytime soon.

Oh yeah,  it’s from the book One Yard Wonders. It’s the first thing I’ve made from this book so I’m not writing it off just yet. Just not sure I’ll make this dress again.

2 thoughts on “From Curtain to Dress

  1. Despite having been to Austria, completing the Sound of Music Tour (including singing “I am 16” for a bemused group of fellow tourists)…..I never ever thought I’d see curtains turned into a cute dress. Tell her to strut her stuff.

  2. I love to re-create something that was into something that is.

    And, playdresses…kinda like play cowboy vests and capes in this house are the most loved of all…

    .mac 🙂

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