the joy of the thrift

I’ve never been much of a garage sale or thrift shopper. Occasionally, I’ll wander into Goodwill or some other local stores, but never repeatedly searching for bargains. I’ve always longed to be one of those people who walked in and found a treasure trove of goods and today was my day. The kids and I ventured into our local thrift shop with a budget of $20 (me) and $2 (Rooster) and this is what we got:

red flyer metal red wagon – $4.25
3 baby blankets for me to embroider – $1.50/ea
singing Cinderella doll for the Chick – $1.50
3 small silly toys that are bringing such pleasure to one little Chick and a Rooster – $0.50
10 children’s books (including a great 1980s reader for the Fall) – $4
Leapfrog ABC talking computer game thing – $2
Jumpstart First Grade computer game – $1.50

and the Rooster bought
one walking (annoying) Robot – $2

and a great desire to go back (sans children) and search through the clothes. What I did glimpse at was a treasure trove of name brand stuff for less than $5-8!

Let the thrifting begin!


2 thoughts on “the joy of the thrift

  1. I’ve been singing this song for sometime now…my entire wardrobe is thrifted clothes…and I think I am in style to boot!

    I think!

    So glad you had a score of a day!

    .mac 🙂

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