Embroidery Updates

Something happened to me yesterday and I finished 3 embroidered onesies…yes three!! I’m trying to get some new ones out to put in the cupcake shop down the road. Here are the latest ones:

“Cute as a Button”

Button Onesie Closeup

Heart Cupcake

heart cupcake closeup

Peace Out

Peace Out closeup

3 thoughts on “Embroidery Updates

  1. Awesome! Don’t you love that crafty productive feeling? I do!

    Now, where and when are we going to meet?

    I need a good cup-a-joe!

    .mac 🙂

  2. Look at you and all your crafting this weekend! I hope that it has been a sweet thing to your heart! I love all that you have created and the new little onesies are fabulous!

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