My First Paid Project!




One of my sweet friends asked me if I could embroider a name on a jacket for her. I tried to explain to her that embroidering something by hand is very different looking than doing it with a machine. I showed her examples of what I meant and she still wanted me to do it. I was a little worried and honestly let it sit there for a few days because I was so freaked out about doing something “professional” for a friend.

Last night I finally picked it up and when I got the first 2 letters done I thought for sure that I hated it and was going to have to take it out. But I persevered and when I was all done with it, I kind of liked it. I looks sort of retro…I think!

Here are a few shots of the jacket and my first paid project! 🙂 I hope she likes it!


3 thoughts on “My First Paid Project!

  1. this looks great! When I can find the time to start crafting again, I want you to show me how to embroider please.

  2. It’s so retro-licious. Nice job.
    So glad it’s not machine-embroidered. You can’t get any kind of character from machine-embroidery IMO.

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