An Etsy Shop!


I have officially created an Etsy shop. If you haven’t wandered around this site before, it is filled with awesome, one of a kind items of all kinds. You can click on the link here or over on the sidebar. Etsy has been flooded with awesome talent since I discovered it, so who knows how well things will go, but it’s worth a shot.

Check back often as I hope to add more burp cloths and also a few handmade outfits.


2 thoughts on “An Etsy Shop!

  1. How fun! I will enjoy checking it frequently to see what you are selling. If I ever need a cute burp cloth for a gift, I will definitely be looking to you!

  2. Congrats! Can’t wait to see your shop and hope you get some purchases. Your burp cloths are so sweet and so well done!

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