Vote For My Brother


My brother, David McClister, is a very talented photographer and video director in Nashville. He’s been nominated for the CMT awards this year. He’s been nominated many times for videos that he’s done, but this award show tends to be a popularity contest for the artist, more than for the actual art of the video.

Nevertheless, it’s time to vote again. He did the video for Lee Ann Rimes, “Nothing Better to Do.” Click on the picture to watch the video. It’s probably one of my favorites he’s ever done. He is also nominated for 3 different video’s for director of the year. Wow!

Click this link to vote!

5 thoughts on “Vote For My Brother

  1. That is a really cool video. Does he come up with the ideas for it himself or does someone else and he just brings it to life?

  2. As the director, his job is to listen to the song and submit and idea and then he sets it all up and does it. Apparently on this one with Lee Anne, she is taking partial credit.

  3. You have to click on the link, the go up to vote in the top banner. You’ve got to sign in and all that junk; sorry!

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